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Melb: police are doing a bike "blitz"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sillygit, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Several of my work mates were pulled over today in the CBD by cops doing a "bike blitz". Just license and rego checks apparently. So yeah, yay for us...

  2. they were doin that a month or two ago in the city. stupid unmarked blue bmws almost gave him the finger and speed off when he stopped next to me and said "stop"...i was thinking who the f**ks this guy think he is...
  3. when are they NOT doing a bike blitz?
  4. That and noise pollution.
    vic roads not far off their trail.
  5. Hmmmmm.......

    If he pulls up besides you and does not have his siren/lights on, you dont actually have to pull over..... For all you know, could be some guy who stole a police uniform from somewhere.....
  6. Do they give you a note if your late to work??

    The cbd is a constant place for police blitzes, as the competency of most drivers operating vehicles in there is at best pathetic.
  7. No. You still need a note from your Mum, if you are late for work.
  8. This is off topic but relates to the above statement..... and I laughed about it later. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Can I stick my hand up here? In my 3.5 years in Melb I've rarely gone to the CBD let alone driven/ridden there as I haven't really needed to. I needed to get to William St yesterday, looked up Google Maps and saw that taking the CityLink exit just before the tunnel, turning left onto Bourke St then right onto William St was the simplest way to go. I went down Bourke St then noticed that the lanes reduced. I didn't pay too much attention to signs and was looking out for pedestrians, trams and other vehicles. Whilst going along slowly I noticed no vehicles, lots of pedestrians, slowed even further (down to idling in second at this point) and.... a NO ENTRY (except for trams) sign. Oops! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Bourke St Mall I presume!
  9. Haha i looked at his bike he had all the lights and gizmos and the tank radar reader, plug that goes to radio to helmet, not to mention hes a big fella.... i thought you had to pass fitness tests to be a coppa.....

    good work GoTeam.... funny if a tram was behind you and started dinging you...."GO ROUND....GO ROUND" ~huesy nova ad
  10. You have to pass to get in only.
    MC cops are never greenies. Usually not special forces types either.

    That's all I'll say :p
  11. Brisbane cops only seem to care if you drive either a ute, or a VK Commodore

  12. Got a reference for that?
  13. Yeah and police on foot can't stop you unless they wail madly on guitars.
  14. how about a general blitz on cars as well?

    this just reinforces my belief that 60% of police are muppets/wankers...
  15. Cool logic, hansel.
  16. i'd like to think without any indication that they are a police officer (no lights/sirens, undercover vehicle, wearing civvies not uniform etc), you would not HAVE to stop for them. what if you think its some random dude going nuts at you? i wouldnt pull over for a friendly chat...
  17. Yep, and that would be acceptable till the lights or siren or both came on. But we all know that the unmarked bikes have a cop on it wearing a uniform. Yep they are not wearing the high viz top but still a uniform. And at that distance a motorcyclist (with advanced visual perception over a cager) would be looking at a person in a uniform. My concern is suggesting that a person not stop just because the lights and siren are not on is both dangerous and enticing a person to commit an offence. My focus is on the reference to no lights/sirens.

    We have to look out for each other as no one else will. :cool:
  18. Do they do this with cars at all?
  19. I don't get your point but yes, if a uniformed police officer instructed you to pull over, take a detour or stop, through actions or verbal commands then you have to do it whether riding a bike or driving a car. Of course there are best practices. The optimal situation would be lights and sirens but this is not always necessary. The op described a situation where he was stopped in traffic and the cop pulled up beside him and gave him and instruction. Had the op not complied then the cop would have used the lights and sirens and the interaction would have been different. The issue here is someone giving legal advice that could ultimately be dangerous.
  20. Silly me was refering to the topic.

    Do the cop have a blitzz on cages in the city ever?