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[Melb] Plexus fans - time to stock up

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Whitworth marine on Elizabeth street are selling the large can of Plexus for $16.99 each - until stocks run out or the 12th November.

    By comparisons Bike mart had Plexus at $26.95 rrp recently.


    Off you go folks - they are right next door to the new Ducati place.

  2. There is a whitworths in Caringbah sydney NSW for all the non southerners. I wonder if they are doing the same deal. Might pop in their this avo and have squiz If only i new what i was looking for :? Im guessing its some kind of lubricant amirite?
  3. Thanks Rob !
    That's the 13oz can for the price of 7oz \:D/
  4. Yep !
  5. Tried to buy some at Autobahn last week and they said it was not available anymore, had to buy the other brand in the blue can, can't remember the name.

    Will try to get into Elizabeth St. thanks Rob.
  6. I find the motul a more superior product, give it a try, rockoil bike shine aint to bad either, plenty of choices out there if plexus is about to disapear.
  7. What's the product ?
    I use Plexus to clean my visor, wasn't aware motul had a similar product.
  8. Motul Shine & Go

    A can goes a hell of a long way, and as the particles are ultra fine, best done outdoors avoiding inhalation.
    Small (split second) depressions of the nozzle in various places around the body work is all that it takes to do the whole bike.

    At the moment I am back to using a can of Rockoil Silicone bike shine, also works a treat besides being probably the oldest on the market also usually the cheapest to buy.
  9. Thanks mate ... is it ok for visors ?
  10. To be honest I don't use any product other than water on visors.
  11. Vu-plex is the same as plexus but australian made.
  12. Is that right movistar? I didn't know that.

    I use plexus on both sides of my visor and don't have to allow ages for the vapours or similar to weather off.
  13. yeah rob,i use it for the bike,helmet & visor(iridium&clear). the vu-plex even smells nice.(like oranges)
  14. Just confirming for they sydney siders whitworths caringbah has them also for $16.99 picked up 2 cans this arvo. :)
    polished up the hyo so much it almost looks like a jap bike :LOL:

    Cnr. President Ave & Willarong Rd
    NSW 2229 Australia
  15. Gonna give VuPlex a go ...
    Not sure where to purchase or how much, the website doesn't seem to provide that info. Have sent a message requesting more info
  16. Autobahn have it @ $22 I think.
  17. you can get it at any decent bike shop.