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[Melb] Please don't park there!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by swingarm, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Someone has recently started parking their bike on the narrow footpath in Little Lonsdale outside the computer shop on the Russell St corner. Bad choice. It really pi55es off pedestrians from comments I've overheard. Obviously a bad choice anyway.

    There's ample undercover parking just across the road outside the car park in Little Lon. Where they're parking now is a free kick for the anti-footpath parking lobby.

    [edit title, Melb isn't the only place on the planet]
  2. So be smart about it and leave them a note. :idea: Putting this on a forum is pretty hit and miss...
  3. I usually try to park where I can see my bike, if possible, from the shop or whatever I'm in - maybe this guy/gal is doing the same?
    As far as I'm concerned if they aren't breaking any of the footpath parking rules they should be allowed to do as they please.
  4. Agreed. But this bloke is obviously a complete berk.

    Any of the footpaths in the 'Little' Streets in Melbourne are too narrow for a bike, especially where the OP is talking about. Anyone that parks on them are breaking the rules. From memory it is one wheel space away from the curb and 1 mtr away from the wall or very similar.
  5. I would agree, although what you're refering to is a guideline rather than a rule. The actual rule is that the owner can be booked if in the opinion of a parking officer the bike is unreasonably impeding pedestrians. (Which this example seems to be doing).
  6. I think the OP is thinking along the lines of how much it inconveniences peds. I pass by the spot now n then, haven't really noticed the particular bike, but it is a HEAVY pedestrian-traffic walkway.
  7. OK, maybe I'm being a bit harsh but parking there doesn't make sense when a few metres across the street is enough room for a dozen bikes.
  8. MOD: I've split off the barney and got rid of it, I think everyone made their point. Now unless you're gonna organise a proper punch on (by PM, and I'll be there with popcorn) let's give it a rest eh?
  9. there's an island in the middle of the intersection there (ltle lonsdale and russell) that I use quite often. out of harm's way and safe as well...
  10. So all threads that get OT will be treated the same way?
  11. They are "guidelines" not rules ultimately the only "rule" is thou shalt not obstruct pedestrians".

    Why not print out the parking guidelines and leave a copy on their bike??
  12. This one was turning into a worthless slanging match, complete with threats and even allegations of "cooties." Enough was enough, aye?
  13. :popcorn: oi oi oi, fight fight fight :blackeye:
  14. And most of the deleted was harmless and mild discussion, not what I'd consider needing to be removed - but your point is noted as escalation would continue unless the topic was locked, which wouldn't be fair to the OP.
  15. The mild discussion posts wouldn't have made much sense without the other stuff, I thought I'd yoink the lot given that everyone had already made their point and Zed had taken it on board.

    Look I'll stick it all back in there if people think it's a discussion worth keeping, but it just looked like it was turning into a scrag fight to me... :p
  16. nah - leave it in bin loz - that was going nowhere and I think any debate that may have existed had pretty much reached its logical conclusion anyway....
  17. +1. Serves no purpose to the discussion of this topic and as you said much of it wouldn't make sense without the rest :)
  18. why don't we just delete any controversial threads ffs :roll: or any escalated differences of opinion? this forum is getting way too soft. Harden the fuk up guys!
  19. When it goes beyond making a point, there's no place for it here. Google "spleen vent" if you enjoy an 'escalated difference of opinion.' :grin:
  20. In short don't park where your not supposed to, and people around the world will be happy! LMAO.

    That right LOZ?