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[Melb] Places to practice cornering?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PirateQueen, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hey!

    I was wondering if anyone has any inner-city Melbourne suggestions for good cornering practice?!

    Yarra Boulevard would be perfect and just around the road from me but am a little skeptical about taking my trusty steed up there for twisty training due to the possibility of tacks and motor oil on the road. Does anyone know if this is still happening?

    Alternatively, does anyone have suggestions for a similar inner-city play ground for afterwork practice?

    Thanks :)

  2. You'll probably have more risk riding around the city than not
  3. Thanks MyoMan, I agree. But the unicorn dream is to find somewhere for good SLOW cornering practice, lining up tracks around roads and not stoping every five minutes for lights on weeknights.
  4. There isn't really an abundance of twisties in town, unless your trip involves frequent stops at 7-11 :p

    You would need to venture out of town and N/E for roads like that.

    My real first solo practice session with slow corners was a run through the Black Spur. The corners are slow and it's a nice ride.

    I wouldn't know what to class it in terms of beginner / intermediate etc but i'm sure someone like cjvfrcjvfr Uncle GregUncle Greg GreyBMGreyBM etc could suggest something for you.

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  5. Yes - Still happening.

    The Boulevard in Ivanhoe is a lot rougher but then across the other side is Beverley Road which isn't bad.
    Pound Bend Road isn't too bad, Residential so be careful of people entering driveways etc.
    The Boulevard in Aberfeldie on the Marybynong River. Only Short.
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  6. Thanks Jaytee,

    Might leave blackspur for a bit….need a little practice before I even try consider that.
    This post comes on the recommendation of UG to ask around….
    And no, not so many 7-11 stops. I have an aversion of trying to carry pies/ice creams/caffeinated beverages home inside my leathers :wacky:
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  7. Fair enough.. I'd suggest going on a Sunday L Friendly ride.

    The reason being is the roads have plenty of corners but are beginner friendly and you can essentially tackle them at whatever speed you're comfortable with.

    I'm not sure what your confidence level is but MyoManMyoMan and myself just do random rides just to get out there..

  8. saturday practice if you dont already
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  9. Thanks guys! Yup, already doing Saturday Practices and UG's ride. Just need to do a little quality time with my bike during the week.
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  10. tuesday night ride. do it once so you can learn some fun roads around town
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  11. no
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  12. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    LostWallet thanks but I have been advised against Tuesday Night Rides until I get some skill. Still incredibly green :meh:.
    As you can see from UG's response, a few of the mentors may filet me should I be dumb enough to try.
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  13. This is a common question, and if you ever find somewhere please share it around! But the two suggestions I've heard from people so far are Essendon DFO after the shops are closed, and Latrobe University car parks. If either is close to you then give them a go; and share your experiences!
  14. If UG says dont go to tuesday night he is probably right. Wait until 1am then ride along the eastlink bike trails. Its illegal but there are actual corners
  15. Fran, if you want someone to come along on weekdays give me a yell. I'm always up for an evening ride after work
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  16. Some decent roads out around Eltham, Hurstbridge, Warrandyte areas. Reasonably quiet, not too scary and not too far out of town. Where abouts are you located?
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  17. What about Williamstown, the strand, and Altona Rd, Altona ?
    Just over the bridge.
  18. We dont need to practice getaway riding
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  19. go around the yarra river on the tourist ride, then across to williamstown. via the road along the bay.

    Pretend you have a ducatti get a coffee then reverse it. will do for a start, then explore,