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[Melb] Pirates 2, Fountain Gate. Tuesday 11 July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Grunge, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Meet Where: Nandos, 7pm, for the 7.30pm Session. Of Pirates.

    Who's in? I'll definitely be there this time... Cap'n Jack! :p

  2. Hmmmmmm. I could be up for that. :)
  3. Oh you biatch!
    Ive been arranging it for saturday in the city with intent to go out after :(
    (i just have to find out if im supposed to be doing family stuff on sat night and then Ill know)
  4. Well both me and nadeen are most definatly in

    shall we dine with the captain or naked with the crew ?
  5. Bastardos!! I was gonna organise this for the same cheap arse Tuesday but around the City/North area.... :cry:
  6. I'm with you....forget travelling all the way out there when there are plenty of perfectly good cinemas in more convient locations.
  7. find a cinema with allocated seating.; otherwise it will suck, its a new release movie so everyone wlll be watching it come this tight arse tuesday.
  8. Fountain Gate's closer, that's why I'm having it there. But in any case feel free to join... We should be alright to get good seats if we're there on time.. :]

    In any case, I will definitely be waiting at Nandos 7pm for people. :]
  9. #2 son and I just got back from seeing Pirates.

    If you liked the first movie you'll certainly like this one. A lot of fun. :grin:
  10. William and I might turn up for this one.
  11. Abso-fcuking-lutely awesome flick.
    If you liked the original (and I did) then you'll love this one.
    Lots of fun.
    The line up at Highpoint on Friday night went right out into the shopping centre.
  12. Kathy telly me I have to chauffer her to dinner and music in the city :) On the Kat of course.

    Damm. WHat I want to know is when I agree to all these things? Was it some sub clause I never noticed in our first meeting? Ahh well. Another time :(
  13. Well, we've got quite a couple coming, including Goosh and maybe Fireblade,

    as well as VTRBob + Nadeen, and some other maybes...
  14. :idea: :newb: can someone give me a brefe over view on this as its a long way from broady and i would like to know more befor i say yes or no
  15. :shock: are you kidding me, i thought it was one of the worst sequels i've ever seen. complete rubbish which is sad as the original was so much fun. i often disagree with critics but they got this one right.

    they spent a couple of hundred million on special effects and $2.07 on the script. :evil:
  16. I thought it was good too :?

    Defenatly not as good as the original but still good.
  17. for those nearer northland... some of us are going to go see it next tuesday @ northland when the hype has died down :)
  18. The first didn't have a spectacular plot either. Where it made up for it was fantastic action sequences and funny gags and characters.
    The sequel has all that and more. The CGI was simply amazing and the actor who plays Davy Jones is just perfect.
    I mean c'mon, you can't tell me you weren't laughing your arse off when Depp was trying to sneak off from the cannibals.