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[Melb] Petrol theft rates soaring

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CamKawa, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Petrol theft rates soaring
    Liam Houlihan, transport reporter

    DRIVE-away petrol thieves are costing Victorian service stations $100,000 a week.

    As the barrel price of oil hit a new high some stations reported 30 drive-offs last month -- five times as many as last July.
    One station said a month's profits were lost when a truck driver did a runner with $1500 worth of diesel.

    But large stations are biting back with a hi-tech camera system that freezes petrol pumps for cars involved in drive-offs.

    The system adopted by BP and Mobil, has been installed in more than 50 sites in the state for six months. Safeway-Caltex and Coles Express have also done trials.

    It has cut drive-offs by 80 per cent.

    The system takes digital photographs of all number plates entering the service station.

    If a car then drives off its plate details are stored. The next time the car stops for fuel staff are alerted, the bowser is frozen and the customer is asked to pre-pay.

    The UK technology can be linked nationally and is expected to be taken up by other fuel chains.

    David Purchase, of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce, said petrol thieves weren't struggling mums and dads but generally young males testing the law.

    Conflict in the Middle East has pushed oil prices up to almost $US77 a barrel, sparking fears that local prices could hit $1.50 within weeks.

    The petrol price crisis is now hurting the economy, with the pain at the bowser damaging the country's bottom line.

    Importing fuel in May cost $758 million more than in April.
  2. Rock on Big Brother.

    And you thought it was a reality tv show full of spankbags being stupid :roll:

    Drive offs are like ticket evaders.

    Bring back the Service Attendants and the problem is solved.
    $100,000 a week, shit that would pay for 200 attendants......

    Get people off the dole, make them pump petrol, easy peazy lemon squeezy.
  3. One station said a month's profits were lost when a truck driver did a runner with $1500 worth of diesel.

    I seriously doubt that they are only making $1500 profit a month...considering the kind of yearly results Caltex etc are announcing (With $300million profits)
  4. I've heard companies say they make $0.02c a litre profit.

    If your average Joe Bloggs buys 60 litres of fuel each time, thats $1.20 per vehicle.

    1250 vehicles would net them $1,500 at that rate.

    That equates to 41½ vehicles a day. I'm sure they would od more than that :)

    It is the Herald Sun that reported it, they aren't known for telling the truth.
  5. yeah, but the petrol suppliers get ~80 - 85c a litre, whereas the operators of petrol stations get ~2 - 8c a litre.

    and dont forget, $1,500 at .05c a litre is 30,000 cars which is a fair old amount even at 8c a litre it is 18,750 cars per month, i can imagine places like the todd road service station at the start of the west gate bridge having that sort of turnover, but a small servo out in the boonies would struggle to get that many cars every 6 months.

    when all said and done, it is still a bloody ripoff when something like 45c a litre is tax
  6. Small operators are being driven out of business by Woolworths and Coles, who can afford to soak up the fact that they are selling at a loss for that precise purpose.

    Independent servos make around 2c a litre on petrol; why do you think they are selling everything else on the face of the earth at exhorbitant prices? If they didn't sell Mt Franklin water at $2.60 when it's $1.35 at the local corner store, they'd be out of business already.

    For the rest, Australia's infatuation with gas-guzzling barges, which are now unsaleable on the second-hand market, and the increase in world-wide petrol useage, driven by China and India, means that petrol will never again be cheap, and this sort of desperation will only increase in the short term.
  7. Guys,

    I used to work for an independent Caltex Franchise, and I can definitely say that those 3 years I worked there, the petrol station does not earn any money from the petrol.

    Yes, it is $0.02 cents per litre earnt. The rest goes to the actual supplier. I won't mention who, but that's usually the way it is. It's on the end-of-day paperwork themselves what the commission is, and not written, but printed permanently.

    On a weekend on average the petrol station would be lucky to net in $200 worth of fuel. (we're talking Saturday AND Sunday combined.) We usually make more money off the condiments (snacks, cigs, drinks etc etc.)

    Also, they used to call us to let us know how much the fuel should be sold at. Sometimes we'ed "bargain" ("oh, but down the road they're selling it cheaper.") But it almost always never works as they don't care, most of the $$$ goes to them anyways which goes to the big companies.

    That's just how the corporate world works, from the top it looks cosy, the lower down you go the harder it gets.

    Unfortunately when people stop and "protest" and not buy fuel on a certain day (as we've seen from some work email spams and such,) really it does nothing but f**k it up for the people who earn commission on it, the working Average Joe. After all, all you're doing is depraving AJ off his 2c commission which he'll have to make up another day. The large companies will get their profit anyway you see it, because when you buy the fuel, the bulk will always go to them anyways. Therefore the millions in profit.

    If you want to make a difference, protest not to buy fuel fully owned by the company (I don't think that's a possibility), or go to the petrol station, don't buy fuel, but buy everything else there. There's more profit to be made by AJ from the chip, the cigs, the tools, the sunglasses than the effin' fuel.

    I guess if globalization keeps happening more industries will start to look like this..? I dunno.. I'm not an economist, but I do see people making generalized statments and want to clear it up from what I know working at a petrol station.
  10. Hi all,
    I used to work for a mate,
    a mechanic that leased a service station,
    The margins that he made from the fuel sold where very low,
    he had to have the workshop working on cars and bikes, 6 days a week,
    and like meantioned, smokes, drinks, food and magazines etc.
    to make any real money.
    This was a few years ago, but I doubt it has changed much,
    The margins where, in cents, not dollars.
    LRP 0.5 cents per litre
    ULP 0.6 cents per litre
    LPG 0.75 cents per litre
    Diseal 0.5 cents per litre.

    So if you take the capacity of my CBR tank at 16.5 litre,
    the profit to the servo is 8.25 cents.

    So he sold the lease.
    The real profit was made by the fuel company,
    Not the servo lessors and owners.