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[Melb] Peninsula afternoon ride, Sat 4th March

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. I am not experienced enough to start arranging rides, leaders, routes and tailenders. BUT i am dead keen for a ride tomorrow.

    I have working in the AM but plan to be available for a squirt by 12 and then have a good 4 hours for riding. (or2 hours, i dont care)

    I am based in Langy am still a leaner, but i can keep up to and above the speed limit most of the way (i take it relatively easy in the bends still), i would love to get out for a ride to anywhere (almost) and it should be quieter than normal while all the hgard heads are down at the island - yay for us :)

    Who is keen? I am happy for a quick lap of peninsula and a sanga or up to the hills or whetever.

    Out fpor some dinner and grogs now but will check back in here befor bed

  2. damn....langwarrin is a long long way from craigieburn! :!:

    If you want to meet up somewhere Im all for going for a ride... :)
    I too am on my L's..but I can get where I need to go..and confident I can keep up within the limits of my lil 2fiddy beast of course :wink:
    Ive done over 3000k's in just on 5 weeks :p

    I'll keep an eye on this thread...see what develops :)
  3. best bet it maybe talk to PNUT
    as he lives around ur area and hes a real nice guy
    *sucking up to pnut* :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Might be up for the ride, I'll see how I feel on Sat morning, and whats developed for the day. I'm happy to go tail-end.
  5. This is not an acceptable thread for the events sections, see the below thread for details of the right way to do it.


    I'll be nice this time around and move this thread into general rather than delete it. Don't waste this second chance or it will be deleted.
  6. PM ya mob Jimmy.. If I can get permission from the missus I'll come
    wif ya.

    Wot happened to you 2nite? Thought U wouldve come to Sthbank :grin:
    There was only 2 people left when Me, Gixxer, Lids & Lidonnit left
  7. He's already at the Island
  8. Thank you benevolent one! Is it really necessary to to try and talk down to people with this crap? Its not is it?

    Yeah Kishy i wanted to go - next time, last night was loads of drinks and good tucker at frineds... :)

    So it looks like a lap of the peninsula at a sedate pace?

    So something like Frankston, Flinders (stop), Rosebud (browns rd) to the back of Aurthers Seat (stop), down the front of the hill into Dromana and up the Esplanade to Mornington (stop)

    Where can everyone gather easily ? Frankston Maccas? 12.30/1pm?

    I am not experienced enough to think about leaders, tailenders and stuff - could some one put thier hand up when we gather? Or is the group is small enough dont worry?
  9. Got home from work late this morning - so taking off for a ride now (1pm).

    If anyone sees a red hornat sing out :)

    EDIT: well had a ball, pity i wasnt organise denough to get anyone to come - just didnt think of it in time, and ended up working late - spent 3ish hours from Langwarrin, Hastings, Flinders (stop), to the twisties just out of Flinders (did a dozen laps of these) and off to Aurthers seat where i proceeded to pull up in front of 80 people and drop the bike - but i caught it and no shiny bits hit the dirt, but i did look a fool and some knobs took pics :( so i thou8ght screw this i am leaving, started up and went to leave and stalled it - arggghhhhh - after just having the best ride i have ever had, hitting 160+ and then fcuk it all upo in front of everyone :(

    Down the hill and through MT MArtha and Mornignton to home - was a treat :)