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[Melb] Our Esteemed Policing Force

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. It appears to be cops trying to close a van door? Is there someone in the van trying to stop them closing it fully?
  2. Id hardly call that police brutality. Looks like the guy in the divvy van was give a few love taps so as he would stop obstucting the door from shutting. Coppa was hardly putting any force behind it. Granted, it probably still woulda hurt!
  3. Oh yeah, police brutality :roll:
  4. That door had it coming.
  5. Austen Tayshus: "I had an Aboriginal friend who was taken into custody once. Clever bugger. He hung himself with his own toothbrush."
  6. first hand account:

    we were queuing outside a club in Melb cbd and there was some incident in the club. not sure wat the incident was but it involved but a young man and a lady was thrown out. The police was involved and 1 squad car turned up, then another one, then another one. 1 man was made to put his hands on the bonnet of a squad car with 3-4 cops over him. At that point there was about 3 squad cars and prob 8 cops. they were trying to put his hands behind him to cuff him but he was resisting. there was an officer each grabbing 1 hand to put his hand behind his back to cuff him. another officer seeing that he was resisting, came up and punched him a few times then another come up and unleashed capsicum spray on him. a lady somehow got involved at some stage and she was knocked down. I missed that so I cannot say what happened.

    all I can say is, its really really excessive that so many will attend a club incident so quickly and with so many. Its not even a big club. and it is excessive the force they used on this single individual.

    My friend got video but the quality is too bad to make anything out.
  7. Sounds like they were acting contrary to section 462A of the Crimes Act.

    Sounds as if their force was disproportionate.
  8. D1ckheads who go to clubs, are normally there with their d1ckhead friends, because numbers make it easier to get away with being a d1ckhead for long enough not to learn some manners the hard way.
  9. But in this case it was just 1 man and they even block off lonsdale street.
    it took 3 officers to hold him down, and the 4th to come and pound him and the 5th to spray him with capsicum spray. He was a moron to resist being cuffed, but the response was excessive
  10. Bullshit.

    When was the last time you tried to RESTRAIN, not kill or knock out, but RESTRAIN a violently resisting person.

    It takes more than one person. Lets say it takes 2, or 3.
    Now lets say, he's got 2 mates in the crowd.
    Still excessive? no

    telling you now, a few punches is nicer than a load of spray to the face. If the guy kept resisting it sounds to me like appropiate force was used.

    Police are NOT employed to go around getting into "fair fights" with you.
  11. The fact that it took 3 officers to hold him down says there was a fair chance the guy was being aggressive ad violent. No need for the punch imho but spraying him was justified based on what youve said.
  12. Well said.
  13. Not to mention what drugs an arrestee could be on.

    Cops take few chances.
  14. If 3 officers couldn't cuff him then something was wrong. He may have been on drugs. But the job was not getting done with 3. so what would you suggest they do? So it sounds as if the force was warranted.

    As Vic mentioned 462A of the Crimes Act 1958 is the reference:

    As 3 officers worth of force was not working and he was still fighting then force required to assist in the lawful arrest was further applied.
  15. It's only a guess, but.......from the angle portrait in the video it seems that the force applied was not warranted and it was just a few cheap shots by some cop who was in a bit of a rage. The subject was already in the back of the police vehicle.

    Police are Police and they should not allow themselves to lose it they way this fellow appears to lose it.
  16. IF the door isnt shut and he's still fighting, he's not in the vehicle.

    The guys resisting arrest. It's no different from being a naughty child. Tell you now if my own kid ever took a swing at me he'd get a cuff upside the head just as quickly.
  17. I was replying to erwego's account. I thought we had finished with the origina op. The main things that stands out with the video you have provided us with is that the hinges on a van door are on the right of the vehicle so if it is open any great way to let a leg out or look at a person it is clearly visible from the angle seen. If you listen to the audio in the footage of the OP there is a definite clang after each swing, so we aren't even sure if he has struck the vehicle to encourage the person to move there foot or or connected with a person. So to what level of action / reaction was used. If the courts used that level of evidence to convict someone then there would be a lot more people in jail. We need more than a grainy video to conclude police brutality. You yourself state that it is a guess, and even from the angle are willing to come to a negative conclusion.

    Yes. If the officer had lost it then that would be an issue, but even in this case the control of the baton seems definite and controlled. He wasn't swinging widely or the other officers would have taken umbrage.

  18. Negative.

    I have not come to a conclusion, I simply surmised. I stated "at a guess it seems" I did not state that from the evidence presented that the cop was hitting the subject.

    It appears, I guessed.

    For all we know, he could have been trying to realign the door hinge. ;)

  19. Think what you want, but I was there and I know what I saw. I wasnt even drunk yet.

    I have seen how enthusiastic they are to suppress crime. Take this degree of enthusiasm and apply it to violent mobs.