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[Melb] OTT customer service at Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Clairebear, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. I don't know if the customer service team in Peter Stevens has been instructed to be this way, or whether they are living in fear of the sword of Damacles coming down on their necks, but it seems that every single time I walk in there I'll have someone breathing down my neck within about 20 seconds.

    For example - yesterday I went upstairs to have a look at some kevlar jeans (A whole other thread and/or female rider's lament). I got the typical male service attendant asking questions like "What kind of scooter do you ride?". I responded with "A Honda VTR250". That elicited the twitch of the eyebrows and "oh". I also felt rather uncomfortable explaining what I was looking for, and the problems I have (like most women) getting things to fit properly. I also felt uncomfortable about the fact that there were no less than 4 male attendants directly outside the changerooms as I was trying my selection on.

    After I came out of the changerooms a while later to see if there were any other options, another 2 attendants asked me if I was being served! After the second one asked me this I simply said "I'm fine thanks" - which apprently was really rude because he responded with "Woah! leave me alone she says!"

    I understand that this shop would probably get a lot of beginner riders, and a lot of female riders who would hop straight upstairs after buying a Vespa - but seriously guys - a girl walks in already wearing a pair of Kevlars with boots - put 2 and 2 together! If this shop is aware of the growing market of female riders - then perhaps they should allocate a section for female riders and have female staff to attend to them.

    Apart from that -

    Has anyone else found this (excessive customer service) discouraging?
  2. Although I understand your frustration, I can see how PS staff would get confused. Search for PS threads in this forum and most people complain about how pitiful PS service is, how they leave you standing for ages, how they chat to their friends/chums/random strangers but won't serve you, a paying customer. It pains me to say this (it truly does, you have NO idea), but it seems that they're damned if they do and they're damned if they don't.
  3. Wow, you actually got service? :shock:
  4. Hmmm.... not so much service as low-level harrassment. They probably have been told "Up your service!" Without actually been given any constructive way to do this.

    I used to work in retail when I was in uni - it was a boutique jewellry store. I was told never to say "How are you going?" or "Can I Help you?" because this would elicit either "good" or "no" from the customer and close off that avenue. If the customer was nervous, if they really did need help then they wouldn't ask for it. Just say "Hi". It's pretty obvious if someone's looking for something etc. Just take a moment to read that person. In particualr, We would get a few blokes in wanting to buy a present for their girlfriends/wives/mistresses. I'm sure a store full of girly things with women in it would have intimidated the hell out of those guys! Its at that point that you ask the customer some "boundary questions"....but I digress....

    The point I'm trying to make is that I was made to feel like I was on the back foot, and that I quite clearly had no idea about anything.
  5. Serves ya self right, chicks buying bikes, next they'll want the bloody vote!

    Hey fair call on your behalf, my wife is very intimidated when she goes into PS, Mornington Honda she loves! :grin:
  6. Nup, I'd be doing my best Beavis and Butthead impersonation. Now, if Mr Scumbag was with me, well, two giggling schoolboys would be another look.

    I do appreciate your problem, unfortunately you've found that some stores either under or over deliver, very few get the balance right. Those that do tend to retain a very loyal customer base, one that often pays full price or never tries to negotiate down to the lowest level. It's a relationship sale as opposed to a transactional sale. A good salesperson will be expert at both and know how to read a customer. No point trying the warm and fuzzies on a transactional sale and vice versa.

    Have you tried Bikemart in Ringwood. A bit of a trek for you, but worth it.
  7. I think she found something else entirely...
    is in no way an "over delivery" or "under delivery" of service, its just plain rude. Your a sales attendant, if its not your style to kiss my arse you should at least be nice to me :evil:

    I'd feel pretty frekin unconfortable getting down to my nickers in a change room with 4 men standing close by the outside, and I really sympathise with women who feel unconfortable telling some bogan sales guy about their sizing issues.

    While there is a fine line between too much service and too little, that isnt really the issue here at all, its about respect and curtesy.
  8. You know what most of the bogan sales blokes couldn't care less if you had a big arse or not, so don't let it stress you out. If you don't want to deal with a store then walk on, there are plenty out there.

    I don't work in retail but did spend 10 years in it and I can tell you most people want to do a good job, it's just that generally it is low paid and well the whole monkeys/peanuts thing comes to mind.

    So walk on sister and go to the next shop. PS aren't the main game in town for nothing. :grin:
  9. that doesnt change the fact that some women would rather be served by a woman.
    but that still doesnt change the fact that they were fcuking rude. :mad:
  10. I obviously stand corrected. How dumb of me.

    As regards being rude, only 1 of the many sales attendants were rude. The others were not.
  11. Yeah but what are ya gunna do? Be like a teflon duck is my way of coping with it.

    If you go into most bikes shops they nearly all have a female sales person behind the counter, so the option exists nearly everywhere. My wife does not like being served by sleazy blokes but hates tarty women even more!

    But the gift that costs nothing is of course manners, as my dear ol'd granma used to say! :grin:
  12. Rudeness aside, it's unprofessional, and combined with the scooter assumption, condescending. You wouldn't hear a male salesperson say that to male customer, would you?

    It's less a reflection on Peter Stevens service and more on that individual salesperson. Perhaps that was his idea of showing personality ('funny cocky', if you've read The Game) or making up for 'pieces of flair', for those familiar with Office Space.
  13. It's not only females that get poor service. If you don't have the right 'look', ask the right questions or use the right words you can find all sorts of sales people treat you like a complete idiot. It's not a gender thing, but a total reflection on the poor long term career prospects of the person doing the selling.

    I'm not the best handyman. I just don't have the eye for things that other blokes do. I blame my dad for that. Neglected me as a child. But aside from that, I always hate going into hardware stores and asking what are plainly dumb questions to a large percentage of the male population. But a woman can go in, ask the same dumb question and you get a dozen fawning male salesman all desperately trying to help. (that is my observation, it may not be your experience).
  14. The collection of comments I got etc were not from the same person - unfortunately they were from multiple servce attendants. I also forgot to mention the blatant staring at my rack! :shock:

    I'm more than happy to be served by a male - but I don't want to be served by a pig. :soapbox:
  15. I would think it be better to have staff that are over enthusiastic, then under.
    When ever i have been into PS, i always get served very well. Offered discount. That in usual clothes not bike stuff and i dont look like a biker
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  17. Ah, ok, the staring at your breasts is wrong. If you'd said that earlier....

    Now stand by for the lurid comments!
  18. did someone say breasts??
    :worthlesspics: :p
    right on time eh, cejay? :LOL:
  19. I generally don't have a problem with the service at PS in the City, some days I go in and the staff in there are sensational, some days their not. maybe you just caught them on a bad day where they had foot in mouth disease :wink: .
    Some male staff just have trouble serving women. (we scare them! :LOL: )If they ask me what I want, I admit I'm fussy as and will call out to them if I need a hand and they don't bug me any more.
    Go and see Holly in there, she knows her stuff! :)
  20. could have been worse.....you could have went to cosways and been served by "cheech and chong" :D