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(Melb) Only a little bit dumb or really dumb?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by donski1, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I have a friend who needs some advice please. She has started at a new workplace and her commute takes her through the Burnley/Domain tunnels each peak hour.

    More often than not the left lane is closed to traffic. What she has got in the habit of doing is riding all the way down the tunnel in the empty left lane, blinker on as though about to merge into the traffic and keeping close to the cars on the right (but still definitely in the closed lane). How big of an idiot is she being with regard to copping a fine/demerit points? Bear in mind she's not a big fan of filtering in the tunnel at peak hour cause it's choked full of big, scary, overwide semis. She does also NOT want to sit there like some dumb arse cager inhaling noxious gases for hours.

    Do other people do this lots? How often would one expect a fine (if it was once every 6 mths it'd still be worth it)? Are there operational cameras permanently scanning for naughty people? Are there penalty notices in the mail to her as we speak?

    Bear in mind, I, myself would never flout the law so flagrantly or be so disrespectful of Vicroads, but am just helping my friend...
  2. I'd expect "she" is running the risk of a fine much the same as if "she" was using the emergency lane. Citilink has lots of cameras, and there's also cop cars, marked and plain. My advice to "her" would be to split between the two legal lanes.
  3. Thankyou for your as always sensible advice Loz. I will pass it on to "her".
  4. Where are you workin' now Donna?
  5. Sarz...? Hello? Subtlety?

  6. I didn't think the tunnels had an emergency lane, becasue that would mean lost revenue from space not used to carry customers/traffic.

    Being a motorcycle rider on Citylink is like being a fly in a brothel, sure you got in for free, but at the first opportunity if you're not careful, you'll get pinged.
  7. is this the unlicenced friend you were telling me about the other day...the one who speeds through backsteets?
  8. aaaahahahaha nice analogy marx :grin:
  9. Yeah, that'd be the one. Just can't help herself.
  10. She is doing exaclty what I have been doing for a very long time. I would have lost about 10,000 demerit points by now if citylink thought it was a problem......

    The lane is closed down to stop cars blocking emergency vehicle access - clearly a PTW can't block the lane for an emergency vehicle..... :grin: :grin:

    She sounds like a pretty smart girl to me.
  11. Agreed.

    Closed to allow emergency vehicles access.

    A bike can be out of the lane in seconds whereas a car/truck/bus would take far more time.

    If booked I'd be taking it to court
  12. Che?
  13. The only thing is that if I lost my licence, I'd be going the speed limit and not breaking any rules.

    Driving like I've got the 1 point probation. But yeah, I always split rather than use the emergency lane. I perceived it as safer, much like what I did on the freeway.
  14. I am in the same situation but hav never used the blocked off lane, I just lane split through the tunnel's... Going home on a friday arvo back in to the City, traffic can be backed up to the Toorak Road offramp and I will normally split traffic till I am just past Montague on Ramp section.

    Thought about riding in the blocked lanes through the tunnel, but always wondered if I would be booked or not. Guess it cant be any worse then possibly been booked for lane splitting.
  15. I went through the domain tunnel when the left lane was closed. I chose to ride in the closed lane instead of lane splitting as I perceive that it was safer. Am I wrong?

    I'm still on my Ls and will be going for my Ps in early Jan.
  16. I'm with you Dog. My friend has been doing this for months now and hasn't had a problem, so she'll keep doing it until someone tells her otherwise. It saves heaps of time and has got to be way safer as well.
  17. Just to let you all know, the penalty for driving in the closed lane:

    $227 and 3 demerit points.

    That is only if the lane has the big red crosses above it. The orange circles don't have the same meaning.
  18. What's the fine for lane splitting?
  19. There is no such thing as lanesplitting in Victoria (From a legal perspective).
    You can get pinged for passing on the right, lane change without indication, being an unsafe distance from an other vehicle or if the cop wants to be a prick about it, reckless driving.
    The way to minimise your risk appears to be (From my reading)
    Stay in the left lane on the right side of the traffic with your right indicator on
    Note this is not legal advice just what I have interpreted from my reading
  20. :facepalm: ...how should we be passing then ?