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[Melb] Noojee ride Sat 21th JAN

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Ratbag, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. I'll be heading to Noojee for a brisk run on Saturday 21st Jan, i'll be heading off from Cranbourne and making my way up through Berwick - C0ckatoo - Gembrook across the newly sealed road to Launching Place , then onto Noojee.
    This is for intermediate riders only, the pace may be high in places, but i will stop to regroup.

    Depending on the size of the group, there may be no corner marking. ( i'll refer it to the group on the day )

    This is open to anyone that feels they are a confident rider.

    MEET > Maccas Cranbourne
    TIME > 8:30 am
    LEAVE > 9:00 am sharp

    cheers ratty

  2. Yep, sounds good, I'll meet you at agreed spot :grin:
  3. emphasis on the word brisk LOL :LOL:

    if ya not fast, dont count on seeing Ratty again until u reach
    him at lunch meeting point :LOL:

    i doubt i'll have my bike in time ratty. their waiting on parts
    for my bike still (they rang me today), so it'll be awhile with
    no friggen bike :evil:
  4. Im out then I could meet you all there on Sunday for lunch.....?
    might make it by then if i leave an hour or day before you ! ! !
  5. mmm, quick. Weather depending I might tag along.
  6. i was doing 250km/h on the straights but still couldnt make
    ground on him & no where near him in matching him on his
    cornering speed :LOL:

    hes a wicked rider :twisted:

    & thats with me telling him to slow down abit for me at the
    start of the run :LOL: :LOL:
  7. hmmm... depends how much i drink at Foxy's on Friday night...

    oh and there is always the fact that I wont be living in Footscray anymore by that date... so getting to Cranbourne from Lancefield by 8.30 (possibly with a hangover) might be a bit ambitious! :roll:

    although i LOVED the Noojee ride last time i went - one of the best rides I've been on... :)
  8. Oh, all that, and I can only reach a top speed of 150
    - maybe 160 if it's down hill with a tail wind!
  9. :grin: :grin:

    bring along someone who'll ride with u then, otherwise u'll be riding
    alone. :grin:
  10. Maybe I'll get there in time for lunch on sunday with Stookie :LOL: :LOL:
  11. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. I was out that way yesterday, becareful there is sand/gravel on the last corners into Nojee, coming from Launching Place
  13. mate, are u going to join in on this ride??...
  14. if i get my bike back in time (unlikely)

    youre as bad as Ratty (too fast 4 me as well) :p
  15. you are ok, you just follow the wrong people
  16. Hey Lenna , i was mighty impressed with the pace you do on that cruiser, not sure i could ride it that well.

    Cheers ratty
  17. yeh why was that?

    bc i was left eating your dust & thought the
    next group i caught was u :LOL:

    shouldve remembered what leathers u had eh :grin:
    was a good day tho.. i'll have to catch up with u guys
    again sometime

    ive been there a coupla times on my own so im faster
    than when i went with yous but i still dont know the route
    well enuf to know the next corner etc

    when u know the road like the back of ya hand, u can
    go alot faster

    dont worry... i'll get there one day :grin: :grin:
  18. btw graham.. did uno ive got a clip of u riding the spur? :LOL:
  19. I won't be able to make this one, got another ride to go to.

    May I suggest though taking the back road to Powelltown, rather than crawling through Yarra Junction. It's a bit more entertaining too.

    It's called Tarrango Road. You go pretty much bang on 2km out from the normal Powelltown turn-off, and then turn right, and it takes you out to the very end of all the low speed limit stuff, otherwise known as Gladysdale.

    Once you know the road and the turn-off to take to get there, you'll never use the main intersection turn-off again...

    Here's a map of it:

    Click here

    The road is sealed and is well surfaced the entire way despite what some maps might say.
  20. where u heading off to?