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(MELB) Noojee lunch Friday 13.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Ned, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. With the weather currently perfect for getting out on the :biker:, it's time to head out to Noojee again. This will be a Learner friendly ride at a relaxed pace, cruising out through the hills to Noojee for a bite to eat.

    Meet at 7/11 corner Stud/Wellington Rds Rowville at 9-45 for 10am leave.
    Please have a full tank of fuel as Noojee may still not have fuel available.
    Ride will return via part of previous route, but ending at Caltex Lilydale (next to Subaru). Riders can peel off early if they wish.

    Intended route: http://g.co/maps/kt5xq

    All welcome...... (y)
  2. would love to tag along... but it's a workday!!!

  3. The ride sounds great and the weather will be perfect, but as Gord commented, it's a weekday.
    If there will be another one on a weekend, will be there.
  4. I know, sorry guys, just that I'm fortunate enough to have 2 weeks free to enjoy some favourite bike roads midweek. Thought I'd post it up in case anyone else has a day or 2 spare and would like to come along. :wink:
  5. Go ahead. Rub it in. I still have another 3 weeks to go before my annual leave.
    It looks like a top day tomorrow. Have a great ride.
  6. I could possibly make it
  7. Hope to see you in the morning Positron.
  8. I would come but there's no way I could possibly ride on a Friday the 13th, undoubtedly third gear in the DR would blow, cause the engine to lock up along with the rear wheel and send me careening off into an oncoming truck.
  9. I hate it when that happens!!
  10. Going for my permit today... Thanks a lot for informing me it's Friday the 13th!
  11. Good luck with that Gord, just remember to leave your black cat at home and you'll be safe. If it walks across in front of you as you leave home, well, about that permit......

  12. Aah crap. Just when I decided to come my internet connection crashed.
    If no one else is going and you get this message, is there any chance you can wait for me or meet me somewhere close by?
  13. Awesome day. Nice roads, nice weather, nice people, nice pace.. :)

    The PR2 are worn in nicely back and front. Awesome tyres..


    At Noojee:

    Seriously, check out how clean that bike is =D>

    Top of Reefton, with another rider who joined us.

  14. some nice pics glad you guys enjoyed the ride, great road
  15. You bastards. You know how to rub salt into the wound
  16. Do you want to do it again on Sunday?
    The weather looks good.
  17. Do it again? I'd love to, only I'm playing mechanic this weekend and need to finish a job. If I'm free I'm up for more fun twisties, how about going to Whitfield????? Sorry I can't confirm til late tomorrow.

    Thanks to Blackadder and Donny for a top ride, although Donny had to bail early to be back in Melb. After a quick coffee at Powelltown we had a group discussion and both of us agreed that a run up through Reefton would be appropriate. After downing a coffee each we continued to Noojee, took a few shots in the main drag then proceeded in an orderly fashion back to Warburton which, by this time, hunger pains needed to be satisfied.

    After a quick bite at the bakery, while briefly chatting to Mick Jagger's stunt double on an FZ 1, we were on our way again. Perfect road suface, only a few log trucks and a handful of cars made for an awesome time. Lucky we were at or below the limit when confronted with the radar not far from the top of Reefton, just after a straight bit around a slight bend, could've been expensive!

    Caught up with MJ again where he led us into Marysville at a decent pace where we waved goodbye and happily rode on knowing that we still had the Black Spur to negotiate. Again, perfect surface, minimal traffic and no crap allowed for a fairly good run into Healesville where Blackadder and I went our separate ways. I came back up Chum Crk Rd, through Kinglake West and Whittlesea, baulked by cars on the Whittlesea bit, but hey, I'd had enough fun already and was happy to sit back and be patient.

    Thanks again guys, hope to do it again soon,
  18. We did both Spurs on Thursday, Grouse road, no cops, Plenty of Paranoia tho,

  19. Reckon I might've passed ya somewhere along there, was travelling black spur / lake mountain / reefton around mid day, had 1st lunch in Marysville at about 12.30 and 2nd lunch in Warburton at about 2pm.

    Was good to see about a dozen other riders and exactly zero cops on the whole 250km trip, perfect day for it.
    Lake Moutain Rd was covered in tree crap though, but it made for a good change of pace with some low speed obstacle dodging trying to keep away from the slippery bark.

  20. Touch wood you got everything done