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[Melb] New rider looking for mechanic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Ltpot, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. First of all, greetings to all. Just got my honda hornet the other day and now i'm looking for a good mechanic based somewhere around the northern melbourne region. Don't really care how much they charge as long as it's reasonable, being a new rider i want the best service i can get to keep me more confident on the road and my biking running smoothly ofcourse. I've read great things about a legend they call Pete the Pom, does he really exist or just a myth :wink: . Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, :)

  2. For all standard type servicing stuff (brakes, oil, filters, etc) I recommend giving it a go yourself.

    Get hold of a manual, you might be able download one off the net for your hornet, otherwise a hornet 600 manual will be adequate, or a cbr250 manual perhaps for engine related stuff.

    You might be suprised at just how easy it all is, you'll save a packet in labor costs, and you'll get to know the bike intimately too!
  3. Im not a little T-pot but give me a shout if your giving it a bash yourself cos I have a 3 week old Hornet and I would love to give it a service myself.
    Better 2 heads then 1. unfortunatlley Pete(is a legend) but also not taking any work at moment due to new baby in family.

    When you can Pm me do so to let me know and I will happily give it a go with you.
    Its great news we have another Hornbag on the forum that makes 4 of us now.
    Pm me or shoot me an email.
    Welcome to the forums Ltpot.