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MELB: New bike shop- Intyre Motorcycles!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Dstunts, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. hey guys, not sure if any of you have heard about or been down to check out Intyre Motorcycles in Nicholson Street Fitzroy but they are open from 9am til 8pm 6 days a week! and til 4 on a sunday!

    they are still relativly new but already have a pretty decent range of gear and accesories. And anythin they dont have stocked they pretty much have every disributor in oz working with them so they can order just about anything and so far from what iv seen they can do a better price than any other bike shops ive been too.

    andrew the owner is great bloke too and even gives out his own mobile number to contact him at any time, even after hours!

    so yeh how many others have heard or been to check this new bike shop out?
  2. Whats your relationship to this joint after a plug like that :LOL:
  3. <<<----- Does a walk through holding up a kit kat and can of coke in the desperate hope of sponsorship or at least a few freebies. Mmmmm, my draggin jeans are so comfy to do it in too....
  4. they are my sponsor :grin:

    but still open til 8, 6 days a week is unheard of! and i thought other riders would appreciate that seeing as tho they dont have to wait til the weekend or rush around during the day to get things done at other bike shops.

    anyways definatly worth a look.
  5. Never heard of them :p

  6. Gee, missed that in your original post :shock:
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  8. I'll add to their praises : great atmosphere, and the guys go out of their way for you. I took my SR500 in there tonight to have a chain and sprocket fitted, and I got top service. Old parts in 30 year old bikes tend to weld themselves together, as did my rear wheel bearings (to the inside of their sleeves) which I asked Andrew to change as an after-thought (I'd brought some new ones along) - the things gave him hell but he was very cool about it and persevered for ages till it was all done properly. When it came time to pay, I felt like I was ripping him off! I'll definitely be getting supplies and work done there in future.

  9. good to hear they're looking after you dstunts

    my only contact with andrew was some shenanigans on the street :p
    he realised i wasn't a squid and told me to drop by so he could shout me a coldie

    seems like a good guy and would be good to deal with
  10. I can also vouch for Andy. He really took some time and helped me to find the right helmet to match my bike since I was told my RF800 from Canada would get me a fine the same as riding without a helmet at all (plus it was white/green/purple and my bike is red on black). We ended up ordering in a red/black KBC Gunslinger, it's been a great helmet and my mates always tell me it looks wicked with the bike.

    A small group of us met there for a ride through reefton/black spur on morning and he was good enough to make some coffees for all of us which was cool too.

    I'll be going back there for some tyres soon too.

    Check them out if you haven't been...
  11. pop by today after seeing this trend, was well taken of by Andrew. One funny bloke i would say. he is pretty sincere in looking after customers, definetly getting stuff from him in future, like a white KBC gunslinger which i already ordered for my gf :D thumbs up for customer services. workshop services, oh well.. cant say anything about it yet, but saw a happy customer pop in to praise him, so should be good. Andrew also stated his interests in building custom street fighters for stunt riding as his speciality. so watch out that space.

    p.s i dont get any rewards for writing this, but just a a shop to recommend fellow netriders.
  12. the fact they are open sundays is a huge bonus, hopefully this shakes some of the other businesses branches out there...
  13. Just to add +1 to Intyre Motorcycles as well... only heard good things from a couple of people i know who have been there... also note its the base of the Mischief Makers for your cafe racer needs... i'm sure the relevant person will post soon as they are a member here! *Looking for Mel*
  14. Hey this sounds like a good shop! I just moved here, and am actually looking for a shop to get my regular bike servicing from. Do they do normal 'log book' servicing?

    I also 'need' (want) a new helmet, so I might pop by at some point to check out their range!
  15. Yes DRMAT :wink: I'm around most of the days, though I;ll be quite busy this week. But if any of you guys want to pop in, have a chat with Andy, and check out our section at the back of the workshop ( yes, all the bikes in bits, that's us). Plus there's Craigs 860 Ducati in the window that's always worth a look.
  16. What about tyres? (obviously they do them with that name, but which brands?)
  17. I was just down there last week, he sells most of the main brands like Pirelli, Metzler, Michelin, Dunlop. Just pop in and have a look if you get time.
  18. Man, what a place!

    They are open until 8 at night, which is amazing, and Andy, the owner/mechanic is really helpful with advice and all that stuff. I got some BT45's fitted for the front and back of my bike and he even cleaned the rims up for me.

    He does all the major brands, but likes the metzlers and Bridgestones. Don't ask him for Dunlops though - he isn't the biggest fan.

    For service, advice, tyres and everything really, you can't go past it. I've been in there a few times now and can't speak highly enough of the attention he gives people that walk in there. One guy had a royal enfield that was in for some tyres, but there were some other problems. Andy wheeled it out the back for the bloke to use his tools on, and even had a shot at fixing it and providing advice himself.

    Easily the best customer service experience i've had since being into motorcycles. Rare to get any attention in a bike shop, let alone this level of service. Awesome.
  19. when i went in there- i got SHIT service from the woman behind the counter - i had to go up to her and it looked like that even was too much for her.
    conversation as follows

    me: do you have any back protectors?
    woman behind counter: (after long pause) ? back protectors?
    me: yes back protectors
    wbc: back protectors??? still looked confused--
    me: yes , you know armour, they go behind your back and give you protection.
    wbc: ohh, back protectors -- no we dont have any

    ok fair enough -- then i asked do you sell any winter gloves

    wbc: gloves??
    me: yes gloves
    wbc: oh.... dont think so

    i looked around and was going to say to her as i left ----
    what the f$#%k are you workin in that store for,!!!!

    so have not gone in since
  20. I went in there today. She may not know about back protectors or gloves, but she DOES know about tyres. Enough to answer my questions anyway :)