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(Melb) Netriders trance/dance @ QBH 23/08/08

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's, it appears a few of us Netriders are going to a new trance (dance) night that is opneing at QBH (Queens Bridge Hotel, next to Crown Casino) on Sat 23rd of this month.

    Tix are $25, supposedly more expensive at the door, let me know if you want me to buy tix for you.

    For all you guys that are moving with the music trends, come along!

    So far.....

    Johnny O
  2. Looks like the goosh man is coming, it's gunna be rockin!
  3. The pre-rave bourbons have started, this is gunna be huge, if you don't have anything on tonight, come on down.
  4. Infinity?
    thought it opened last week??
    was looking at promoting for them, but havent had time to sort it out :(
    have fun guys, ive got a couple of house parties instead :grin:
  5. I've never got anything on.......

    Oh you mean as in "doing nothing" sorry, my bad ;)
  6. Picture in my mind I want to forget!
  7. I hate that electronic music, and the drugs that you lot take.
    I'm not coming.
  8. #8 Mandala_Putra434, Aug 24, 2008
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    Come over to Adelaide instead, we have a big movement on dubstep, drum & bass, jungle/ragga. Far more interesting than your run of the mill trance/house rave. We've been getting big international guests such as Benga (UK), Loefah & the huge bash @ Rymill Park (Summer Break Festival) with Q-Bert, Mampi Swift, Calyx & Teebee & plethora of talented local artists (DJ Havok, Jayar & more) . I'm sure we're putting something big v.soon.

    [media=youtube]ShQDfTM9o0I[/media] :grin: :cool:
  9. you probably take more drugs than i do :p
    did you go?
    how was it?? :grin:
  10. I was being serious, mate. I wouldn't go near it. I was having a cheap shot at my old mate, Johnny O.