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[Melb] NetRider Shopping Night 26th May

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Hi, all

    Been to BikeMart/ Ringwood this morning and had a quick yack with Brian.
    26th May it is, 7-9pm (Thurs night again).
    Reduced stuff and specials on left-over summer gear as well as on the new winter stuff (seen some of it today, noice...)

    Pencil it in.

    :D :D :D
  2. Hmm might head down see what they've got in the way of jackets and helmets (the only bits I still need).

    Doubt I'll have the bike by then.
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  5. Kewl, I've got more gear to get!!

    :D :D
  6. Sounds like a chance too get some gear, I will be there...
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  8. Anyone know off the top of their heads what brand helmets BikeMart stock?
  9. Handy, just in time for daughters b/day, nagging me for her own helmet and jacket.

    Not sure about all, but bought a HJC, tried a shoei or two, even saw a Nitro(shudders), if that helps
  10. HJC/Shoei/RXT/Nitro? and a couple of others-smaller ones
  11. Re: [Melb] NetRider Shopping Night 26th May... REMINDER

    Just a quick reminder (Hi, Flipper !!) :D
  12. Re: [Melb] NetRider Shopping Night 26th May... REMINDER

    Thanx for the reminder, I gotta organise a babysitter :LOL:
  13. this will be an easier way to meet all you netriders rather than goin all the way to south bank :)

    5 minute drive!
  14. Shyte! Isn't it usually a Wednesday night at Bikemart?? Dammit, I have netball on Thursday and I was so hoping to make it to bikemart :?
  15. 26th of May is actually a Wednesday. Pete, can you confirm?
  16. Err...it's a Thursday according to my calender :shock:

    Might you be looking at an '04 one?
  17. Ahhh yep, its a honda calender, that explains everything ;)

    I thought Bike Mart was open late on Thursdays anyway :?
  18. 26th is confirmed...THURSDAY (on the Suzuki calendar :p :p )
  19. Just read over the post and was wondering how this works? Does this mean the store will have sale stuff on for everyone or do we have to flash a netrider card ...or ? :)
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