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[MELB] Netrider Muso's Jam and BBQ Night, Sat 10th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Removed_User_6, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. As i remember there are a few other Muso's on netrider. Are there any that want to get together for a Jam Nite??

    Not sure on a venue or time but if there are any interested I'm sure we can work something out.

    (BTW. I'm a guitarist with almost 27years experience-but it dont matter if you just started, jamming is the best teacher)
  2. ill come to learn some chords :D
  3. I'm interested. Play a Maton Acoustic, I can strum along and have a bit of fun.

  4. If melbourne wasn't so far away I'd be in for sure. I'm the bass player and sometimes drummer for our band (me and two mates). We were called Turn It Up but found another local band playing gigs under the same name so its back to the drawing board......
  5. I'm pretty mean with a tamborine :wink:
  6. Hopefully we can start something that can happen on a regular basis; and visiting muso's can join in for a night :wink:
  7. Let me know when and where always up for a jam , frustrated drummer
  8. and you really shine when it comes to a rhyme...
  9. Hey brig,I see you've got a new bike :biker: Must better to ride than the Little 2fiddy you had! And as long as you've got a sound you can come :wink:
  10. Back To The Drawing Board...what an interesting band name. How'd you come up with that? :D :D :D
  11. Im also interested, im a percussionist, tuned and untuned.
  12. I can play drums and yodel.

    Ask the poor Tassie buggers, Deano wanted to kill me.
  13. I'll be a roadie

    I can do 'check TWO one TWO' real good
  14. But you can't give a wedgie at the same time though, can you?? :p Seriously though, you yodel very well.

    I'll be in for this one - idoitic guitarist warning, but I can also hold a moderately steady (if uninspired) beat on a drumkit too. Just tell me where and when. Have a couple guitars, so someone who plays but doesn't actually have an axe can still come along.
  15. Yes, I have a new baby, it is like discovering riding all over again :D

    "Sound" you say !!! Something I am very good at !! :wink:
  16. I play blues harp, but Im in Adelaide. Damn, just got back from Melbourne, could've jammed last night.
  17. I play piano (but a digital piano with fully weighted keys) not a gun at it but have been playing for a number of years. The piano is quite heavy and not the sort of intrument I can cart around very easily but would love to have a jam. I'm currently in the process in setting up a recording studio (not a full blown studio) and will be up and runniing before Xmas. I write my own music and work in a pro tools enviorement and have been looking for a decent guitarist for some time now. Would love to hear some of your stuff some time. I have a good friend who has been singing for 15 years, been teaching for 8 years (great singer) and often write songs together. PM me if you have any interest in colaborating.

    Cheers Franky 8)
  18. I'd love to play in a band again, but alas I am probably just not good enough for anything better than a jam session.

    I'm sure that you'd find some exceptionally talented musicians in this group though.
  19. Same goes, I just cant find the motivation to rehearse all the time. Not since i found the track anyways :LOL:
    I just enjoy making music with other people and wanna jam on... :D
  20. Are you sure you shouldn't be using the present tense?