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[Melb] Netrider meet point for Cranbourne GP Run, Sat 15th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by mister_big_ears, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Anyone going on this on the Saturday?

  2. I think there might be 1,000's of people going by last year. Not me I will be already there on my fifth can. 8) 8)
  3. I will go for the Cranbourne GP Run.

    Who else? we can meet on the way and head there together!

    Might be good to talk about that tomorrow at dinner :p

  4. Sure will be there. 2 bikes, daughter and I. Possibly with pillion as well.

    Do it every year. Well last 6 anyway.
  5. count me in ...........

  6. Hey, I wanna go - hopefully with a mate and possibly another pillion

    wouldn't mind having some people to meet

    pls post where an when for those too shy for the dinner

  7. Sure! Let me check where is best to meet and the time, then I will put it up here before the dinner, and confirm the details after the dinner.
  8. Too shy for the dinner???

    How so?

    Turn up, speak to a few people, mingle, eat, drink, be merry.

    Other than mickdundee, no one else bites :)
  9. And I only bite because I have rabies and I won't be there so you're fairly safe.
  10. 5th?? Thats a bit soft isn't it? :shock:
  11. Not that I will be going on the run this year but a suggested meet point could be the Maccas in Hallam. Head up the SE Freeway and get off at the Sth Gippy hwy exit, it's about 500 metres down on the left. It would be pointless meeting up in Cranbourne itself as there will be thousands of people there.
  12. wellim headin up friday,but saturday morning i will ride back to cranbourne to for the ride
  13. Not so Vic,
    there are a few that bite but Mick is the only one with rabies..
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. What time does the cranny Run actually start???
    Its the first time I've not stayed at the track so it will be something I've wanted to do for ages.
  15. Full info can be found for the run here
  16. Thanks, and I've had my shots, too
    Only thing is I may now be a little Late :wink:

    Hope y'all enjoy y'selves

  17. Ok, everyone, the time and where we meet before head to High street, Cranbourne has been set.

    I will put another post about that!

    Cranbourne GP Run 2005
    (start from 8am, wave off at 10am)
    Cranbourne GP Run details

    Date: 15 Oct 2005 Sat

    Meeting at: McDonalds(Cnr South Gippsland Hwy & Camms Rd)
    (look for a Black Zeal)

    When: 8:30am, leave at 8:45am

  18. So.... whos in?

    Brain26146 - 2 bikes + pillion


  19. Won't make the run, but might see some of you there. Need to get up earlier and make a detour via Drouin (from the Peninsula!). :p
  20. Interesting concept.

    I was flicking through the radio stations toady and paused at the news on 104.3 (JUST THE NEWS) they had an ad for the "Cranbourne GP Ride".

    So have the MRAA lost all naming rights to this event?