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[Melb'] Netrider Hornet photoshoot, Sat 1st July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deafwish, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. I have asked my mate, who is a professional motorsport photographer to kindly donate some of his time to do a photoshoot of all the Netrider Horneteers! Is it rude if I ask the attendees to chip in a fuel donation for him to travel to the location?
    Anyone who owns a 250, 600 or 900 Hornet who wants to get some professional group shots, down next to the water at Docklands, please express your interest by replying to this thread.Of course you will ALL need to spend at least and hour or two polishing and buffing before you arrive (the bike that is :LOL: ).
    Once I have numbers, I will arrange a convenient time.

    Some of Joel Strickland's work:
    Daz. :wink:
  2. err, someone want to donate some petrol money ?:LOL:

    What about during the week of the Netrider Dinner, Daz?
  3. Aw yeah why not...

    But can we get him to take some good wheelie shots?
  4. He doesn't condone illegal stunting, but.......
    Yes. :cool:
    That's 6 bloody months away!
    No! :wink:
  5. September is 6 months away?? I know the Gregorian calendar has some serious shortcomings, but I didn't realise it was that bad :LOL:

    No probs, mate......
  6. Count me in Daz sounds like fun. Got no worries chipping in for juice mate :wink: Just give us a time and date once you have one :cool:

    Is he quick enough to take wheelie shots if the wheelie only lasts about a second or so :LOL:
  7. My mate Joel, has done professional photography for the ARC, F1 and MotoGP as well as numerous magazine shoots for Speed and even Penthouse (lucky bugger!)
    Daz. :wink:

    With photoshop, you can just add a huge mudguard to the back of Carri's Hornet and pretend it's yours! :LOL: :wink:
  8. Penthouse eh?

    I've been thinking about getting a photo of myself starkers doing a wheelie, to put down as my NudeRider NakedBike Reasonable Wheelie Squad avatar, and it looks like here's my chance!

    He'll need an industrial-sized airbrush though.
  9. Tell him next time he is doing a Penthouse shoot that I am available as a gear carrier-coffe getter and I do a godd job :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Ok.
    Just got off the phone from Joel.
    He has pencilled us all in for Sunday the 2nd of July.
    We will most likely meet at Westgate Park, under the Westgate Bridge (exit at either of the Shell servo's).
    Weather permitting, obviously!
  11. That is unusually cruel, even for you Daz! :LOL:
  12. Is it kosher for other photogs to come along?
    Just if i'm free then i wouldnt mind bringing the kit along for a ride.
  13. Ummm...... :oops:
    Are you a professional photographer?
    The Paparazi can get pretty violent with other photographers stealing their shots! :LOL:
    As long as your not bringing your $2000 camera with a metre long lens, it should be ok.
    Joel's doing this for free, remember!

    Good joke, eh?! :LOL: :wink:
  14. Photogs are photohogs daz, I dont think koma was talking about bringing a camera just putting all the gear on (leathers and such) and getting some professional pics taken by your mate Joel :wink:
  15. I wouldn't mind coming down to see how a pro shoots bikes - I could really use the chance to learn something prior to the GP. Can leave the kit at home if you/he prefers.
  16. My brain hurts..... :?
    If you want your photo to be taken whilst wearing your licra riding suits, come on down and stand next to your bike.
    I just don't really want any novice photographers stealing Joel's thunder.
    Horneteers, feel free to bring your own camera, but Joel will have plenty!
    He's a top bloke, but photographers get all weird with stuff like that. :?
  17. A simple "please don't" would have been sufficient :p :p :p

    I know from experience that nothing gets more annoying than the following two things:

    a) you spend 30min setting up a shot, and as you're about to shoot it, from over your shoulder you hear the sound of a shutter release. You turn and see some smug bastard walking off looking pleased with himself. (This also works if you're taken a shot, and watch someone else attempt to set up their tripod in the marks yours left.)

    b) some whack job in khaki pants and some shiny piece of crap around his neck walks over and goes "Nikon huh? I'm an Olympus man myself..." and you desperately want to punch him in the mouth if only to shut him up.

    But if your mate would feel up to being badgered with questions from a few enthusiastic amateurs some other time that would be cool. I've never really shot bikes, and could use some pointers - don't know about the rest of NRs crazed camera crew.
  18. Voyager.
    Sorry if I came across blunt! :oops: It seems like I did. :(
    Joel would be delighted to give you some tips!
    He is a Nikon man! :cool:
  19. I didn't think so, but not a problem regardless - I'm not exactly known for tact. Figured I'd poke some fun at you anyway.

    If I'm welcome to come down for the day and just watch, that would be cool, otherwise some other time is fine, of course. I'm just an enthusiast with a camera, and I'm always keen to learn more.
  20. You are most welcome to pop round and help out!

    The Sunday will be an early one.
    We should be meeting around 10am at Westgate Park.