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[Melb] Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd (weird)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. I went for a cruise round the hills this morning, and headed up the Tourist Road.

    I was giving it a blat up the long straight that follows the tight left-hand hairpin (just up the hill a bit from FTG), when a bloke walked into the middle of the road 100m or so ahead of me, pointed what I figured had to be a radar gun at me and just stood there.

    I hit the brakes, and when I got a bit closer I noticed he was wearing a blue work shirt and an orange and yellow safety vest. And then I noticed that it wasn't a radar gun - it was a Polaroid camera, with a strip of photos hanging down below it.

    When I got up to him he just waved me on. Wasn't interested in talking to me at all. He wasn't a cop, he might have been a bylaws officer but I didn't see any badges or insignia.

    There had been a car heading down the hill at the same time I was heading up, so he might have been photographing that. But the whole thing was pretty odd, and quite distracting.

    Anyone else had any experiences like this?
  2. Sounds like a local
    is getting fed up and takeing photos of the bike(s)
  3. what time was it ?
    i might pull the bike out and go for a ride up there
    and If i see this person will stop and ask
  4. About 10.30 this morning, i guess.

    I wasn't really honking along, but I did give it a decent handful going up the gears out of the hairpin so it might have sounded dramatic!
  5. Well If noise gets him out My bike surely WILL

    my lil hyo cruiser 250 has Loud aftermarket pipes :grin:
  6. didnt see anyone
  7. May be he was a surveyor.
  8. Maybe.


    One other thing occurred to me later. He didn't have a car parked nearby, he just walked out from the side of the road with his camera.

    I didn't see any other equipment - tripods, theodolites etc. Guess I'll never know what he was up to!
  9. Sometimes, Clive, that's just the way it is.

    For all we know, he may have been an artist.
  10. Wearing a work shirt & safety vest? :?
  11. if only i could post videos there is a mad corner on that road love it. Knee down every time. Other than that i didnt see not blue shirt peoples. How ever anyone who takes the mountian high way be careful. Almost none of the corners a marked with a recomend speed.
  12. Most Council staff would use digital cameras these days.

    I know with my line of work I'm wandering around taking photo's at work sites and occasionally stand in the middle of the road in a hi viz vest to get the right angle, mind you I don't tend to do that on roads with traffic on them (I may be silly but I aint stupid).
  13. :LOL: that's the uphill straight coming out of the mad knee down corner... love it :grin:

    Ed, Goosh and I spent a bit of time on that corner a few weeks ago, and the people in the house adjacent to the hairpin were all standing on their balcony not looking pleased at all... we weren't speeding or doing anything reckless so don't think they could do anything... although the Megacycles are a little loud :wink:
  14. Devils elbow, very fun corner. the guys with the balcony are still the first guys down when there is an accident on that corner. I'm always weary of it since I got diesel rash on the corner (frickin u$ buslines). On a more important level, watch out for the "resurfacing" from sherbrooke-ferny creek rd to coonara community school (in ferny creek before sassafras), lots of gravel and too bumpy. (they resurfaced the road to bring it into line with the rest of that side of the mountain. :p). Just stick to mountain highway for now. :demon:
  15. haha. those were the days id ride my mountain bike up there, with no doubt u guys flooring it past me. i reckon id give u a run for ur money heading downhill tho :p

    no idea what the bloke woulda been doing tho, other than some odd council worker (yarra valley council cant afford digital cameras pvda :p) or just another irrate local getting evidence against you (coz clearly bikes arent allowed to travel uphill) :?
  16. Heading up the black spur last weekend with work (Merc sprinter bus) we had the same thing happen with a guy jumping out from the side of the road to take a photo :?
  17. So what are you suggesting about Yarra Valley council Employees :LOL:

    Yes selective quote editing at it's finest.
  18. I was on my saturday run up to Kinglake and I was out in the sticks and saw this person in the long grass poinitng something in my direction , again I thought oops speed camera but quickly realised it was some old dude taking photos so I gave him a gentle wave .
    Probably would have been a good shot keeled over one handed job not quite a Melandri but still . :cool:

    Maybe its a Yarra Valley thing trying to scare the shit out of bike riders.
  19. It is Harvest time for the dope crops. Wierdos are out there
  20. might have an answer here for you guys..

    found this on another forum..
    they could be professional photographers who take the photos and then you can purchase them thru there site like the people at track days do.

    eg: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonseltin/
    from the drop down box select Jon Mullen Photograhpy and enter password : 1953. from there select the last two and you will see pics from the road.

    so this same thing mite of happened here. now to find the guy for the pics