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MELB: MRT motorcycle recovery & transport

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MotoRecoveryTransport, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. hiya guys

    just started up my own business MRT Motorcycle Recovery & Transport -0417522192
    and if i can be of any assistance with picking up a brought bike or you sold a bike, break down service or you had a little skid down the road then please let me know.. i am located in Melbourne in the west but will service most of Melbourne suburbs & i am putting together a team of guys (shops) who can offer you other services from accident repairs to mechanical servicing and repairs etc to interstate shipping of bikes & parts..

    : transport all around Melbourne
    : pre purchase safety inspection
    : minor repairs & servicing
    : bike break down service
    : interstate shipping
    : accessories fit outs
    : puncture repairs
    : tire changing
    : ECU & transponder key programing
    : digital frame measuring
    : frame straightening
    : fork straightening
    : fork rebuilds
    : chain & sprocket replacements
    : after market muffler fitments
    : tinted or clear screens
    : fender eliminator fitments
    : brake pads & disc rotor replacements
    : braided brake line fitments
    : after market rear set fitments

    if you do not have a repairer of your own choice i can also point you in the right direction to
    businesses ive used over the past & im more than happy to pass them onto you guys.

    bike recovery prices start from $50 local within 15ks
    pre purchase safety checks $150 you will receive a written report sheet
    and any lost, stolen, money owing checks must be made by purchaser for peace of mind.


    MRT Motorcycle Recovery & Transport - ph: 0417522192
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  2. Big Thanks to Mark from MRT!!

    After a hard day at work on a very hot day, my bike decided to have a little hissy fit and left me stranded on the side of the road scratching my head as to how I was gonna get myself and my ride home.... Remembered reading this thread and decided to give him a call.

    Being a little late on a Friday afternoon I did not expect anyone to answer my call but was pleasantly surprised when my call was not only answered but Mark came out straight away and helped me get my sick baby home at a price that made me happy again :)

    The whole ordeal was not only easy but I also enjoyed the chin wag and the laughs. Good to see nice helpful riders like you out there!!

    Thanks Mark for saving my butt, sure glad you started this service!!
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  3. your more than welcome SJ & glad to be of help
    hope you have your bike all sorted out now and it wasn't anything to major bud..

    mark (y)
  4. hiya guys

    in the making is a maybe plan to do a Melbourne to Adelaide & return run once a month.
    if you need transport to or from Adelaide let me know..

  5. MRT Motorcycle Recovery & Transport – local & interstate
    For Melbourne/Adelaide bookings please call mark - 0417522192

    $370.00 complete bikes/rollers
    $110.00 parts (limited space per customer)

    *Emergency Break Downs - (please call for pricing & spot availability)

    Servicing in between towns:
    * Melton
    * Bacchus marsh
    * Ballarat
    * Ararat
    * Stawell
    * Horsham
    * Nhill
    * Murray Bridge

    the following services are also available..

    For bookings Please Call Rob Davidson – 0405838583
    For currant updates on run dates see Facebook page

    CBD to CBD
    Adelaide to Sydney
    Sydney to Adelaide
    $650.00 complete bikes/rollers
    $110.00 parts (limited space per customer)

    CBD to CBD
    Adelaide to Brisbane
    Brisbane to Adelaide
    $790.00 complete bikes/rollers
    $110.00 parts (limited space per customer)

    CBD to CBD
    Melbourne to Sydney
    Sydney to Melbourne
    $280.00 complete bikes/rollers
    $110.00 parts (limited space per customer)

    CBD to CBD
    Melbourne to Brisbane
    Brisbane to Melbourne
    $420.00 complete bikes/rollers
    $110.00 parts (limited space per customer)

    CBD to CBD
    Sydney to Brisbane
    Brisbane to Sydney
    $280.00 complete bikes/rollers
    $110.00 parts (limited space per customer)
  6. Already posted on Mark's FB page, but wanted to let ya'll know my experience.

    Mark from MRT is a champion. Got his number from Gumtree. Not only did he move my broken down Triumph from shop to shop for cheap (MUCH cheaper than other outfits in Melbourne), but he ended up saving my bike from near certain death.

    Long story, but he insisted I take my bike to a mate of his (Troy, not sure of his shop name), after 3 mechanics couldn't fix the issue. Anyway, he was right. He and the mechanic got my bike up & running in 2 days. AND, refused to take any extra cash. Stand-up guy.

    Also wanted to note, Mark's a funny dude and even though I was bummed about my bike, managed to have a few laughs while in transit. Always a bonus.

    I won't name names, but one of the mechanics who couldn't fix it is well known as "THE" Triumph mechanic in Melbourne. He was ok, but not really interested in putting the time in to fix my bike vs an easy job for easy money (I'm guessing...or he was simply incompetent).

    -Justin L
  7. you posted on Rob Davidson from full load motorcycle transport facebook page ya knob lol..

    gotta give my mate troy from MCR Motorcycle Crash Repairs a plug as he was the brains behind getting justins bike going after many knobs around melbourne couldnt get it going and left this poor kid with out his bike for 8 months and the last AUTHORIZED TRIUMPH REPAIRER to whom i dropped justins bike off to in a complete manner, upon pickup was handed the bike back in pieces covered in dirt & lost parts and a attempt to steal justins ecu!!

    a big thank you to troy as he dropped everything to do my customers bike which he spent 2 days cleaning up everyone elses mess and then able to get stuck into it and got it going and i think justins become more a close friend than a customer after ive carted his bike many times and taking him home a broken man and worse of all lost a bet that troy wont get it going lol... glad your bikes going justin and dont forget my tow money bud when i come to get you and take ya to get your bike when its repaired :) poor kid luvs his bike and is all emotional lol..

    mark (y)
  8. Hey, hey! I assure you I won't break down into a heaping mess of emotion when I reunite with the bike...probably...well, most likely.

    Yeh, re the ECU. At first I thought it didn't make sense because the ECU was supposedly broken. Why would he try to nick a busted part?
    But after Troy told me the ECU was fine and had naught to do with the actual problem, it all clicked.
    So, back story. Original mechanic said I should buy a new ECU. When he replaced it, the bike was still dead.
    At that point he must have realised it wasn't the ECU, and my original worked fine.
    So, when Mark went to get the bike, he firstly "mistakenly" gave him the ECU to a completely different bike; and then "forgot" to give it to him all together when Mark went back to pick up the parts (mech forgot to put the bike back together lol).
    So, yeh. Nice save brother!

    Lol, lemme know if you have another FB page. Happy to spread the word, Mark!(y)
  9. its all good bud and i still have the 955i ecu that dont even fit your 1050 street triple lol
    i did promise i would return it to him but i did fail to say when :woot:
  10. Huge Thanks to Mark from MRT.

    Asked him to do a pre purchase inspections for me, and he went well above and beyond organising and dealing with a RWC and also transport for my bike upto Canberra (from Melbourne).

    You've been a huge help and saved me many hours of organising things. It's made my first bike purchase so smooth.

    Couldn't recommend highly enough :)
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  11. your welcome bud and your bike is on the way to you as we speak (y)

    heres a better pic of your bike champ..

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  12. another satisfied customer (y)

    this one had sat for nearly a year and not covered but in dry storage..
    with a little mechanical work and a dam good detail by my self here it
    is in all its glory purring like a kitten & shining like a freshly shaved bald head..

  13. Another MASSIVE THANK YOU to Mark at MRT!

    My clutch cable let go just south of the CBD at 18:00 on Friday night. Mark immediately dropped what he was doing and drove from Tullamarine through peak hour to help. His prices are almost so low they must be un-commercial.

    Great guy, super knowledgeable and great service. Highly recommended.
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  14. Mark @ MRT's number now saved in my phone (Just in case)
  15. back from holidays now guys and straight back into work..

    ride safe and slow down in the wet as im picking up alot who are not adjusting to bad weather.

    peace & wheelies

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  16. heading to wagga wagga Saturday and have room for other bikes up and back.

    $200 per bike up to wagga or back to melb
  17. Huge thanks to Mark for getting my Eliminator to the mechanic after the fuel pump died on the way to work yesterday.

    Greatly appreciated!
  18. (y) your welcome bud and hope your back on the road
  19. Had the unfortunate situation of having to make use of MRT yesterday on the Eastern Freeway and just wanted to say (again) a huge thanks to Mark for the prompt and friendly service last minute and out of the blue on a Friday afternoon, of all times!
    He's a great friendly bloke and his van is well kitted out and he takes great care of your bike and straps it down with protectors and the like so no scratches, scuffs, etc! Top stuff.
    I would recommend to anyone needing recovery or transport, etc. in a heartbeat.

    Thanks again Mark, hopefully won't be seeing you again any time soon! ;-)

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  20. your more than welcome corey and i hope your sweet ride is back on the road in no time bud..