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[Melb] Motul oil group buy - 4l containers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by port80, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. The average price I found for 4l of Motul 5100 was $55-60. I can buy a 60l barrel for $660, but I thought that would be a pain to measure and split. So if I can organise 10 4l containers to be purchased at once we can have access to them at $45 each. Who is interested ?

    EDIT: I forgot to add, I will be purchasing 5100, but I believe we can access to any Motul oil that's normally around the $55 range for 4l. Please specify what you're looking for when expressing interest.
  2. I would be interested. I will take 5 if you want 5 or less if others are intersested.
  3. Im keen, I have looked into this before, that barrel option, depending on how many where interested, and prepared to put their cash on the barrel :roll: so to speak.
  4. I am interested in two 4L containers as long as its 10w40 and it wouldn't be too far to pick them up
  5. Supplier (and potential pick up point) would be City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing. Otherwise I could bring it back to my place in Tarneit.

    oz650r, we are not limited to 10 units, so please feel free to get as many as you wish. The more we buy the better the chance of the same discount next time. 10 is just the minimum number we need to purchase in order to get this rate.

    movin, are you keen on a 4l container? Or more ? :wink:

    robbied, I'm not sure where you are but pick up points will be around Hoppers Crossing / Tarneit. We can mix 'n match 10w40 / 10w50 units, this was my main concern with buying a large barrel as I like 10w50, most others like 10w40.

    I'm good for at least a couple of containers, so we may have enough numbers already. I'll give it to Friday 26th before finalising anything. Is everybody okay with transferring money into my account and me paying City West, or any better ideas?
  6. Count me in, I will let you know how many.
  7. All sounds good so far.
  8. Put me down for 8 litres please. I just have to get 2 empty containers now. :beer: C.O.D. be best for mwah
  9. i already buy 5100 for $35 a 4l bottle 1000 for $25
  10. well do you wanna let us know your secret source? or is it not entirely legal? :p
  11. Comes in it's own containers :)
  12. Final call before I start organising it.
  13. Port80 unfortunately I don't think im in on the buy, it is not worth it for me, I live near Dandenong so it will cost me more in time and fuel to come get it
  14. http://www.elstars.com.au/

    speak to vadim , he is active on other forums

    IIRC there is 4 x 4L in a case , freight is np
  15. Sorry all, I'm running out of time to check out the above option and organise the original idea. Hopefully things will clear up when I get back from holidays late this month.