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[MELB] Motorcyclist First Aid Course

Discussion in 'VIC' started by helina handbasket, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    Thought i'd try this again

    I'm trying to get a First Aid course running aimed at motorcyclists, similar course is being run in UK(Bike Safe) , and NSW (MCCNSW)

    Cost will be from $80 -> $85 dependant on numbers
    and run by the red cross.

    and the proposed date is sat 4th March 2006 ( Now on the 18th confirmed)

    PM me if your interested

    Course ouline is;
    St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)
    On completion of the one day course participants will be issued with a letter of
    Course Background:
    The course has been designed by request from two large motorcycle clubs.
    The target audience are motorcycle clubs.
    Purpose Of The Course:
    Is to equip the participant with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care to an
    injured or ill motorcycle rider.
    Course Content:
    The course includes:
    · Recognition and management of the unconscious rider.
    · Management of trauma including bleeding (internal and external), shock and chest injuries.
    · When and how to remove a motorcycle helmet.
    · Resuscitation of the unconscious nonbreathing casualty.
    · Management of the casualty:
    1. With chest pain.
    2. Asthma.
    3. Diabetic who has become ill.
    4. Allergic reaction.
    5. Management of fractures.
    Course Duration:
    The course duration is seven hours.
    Course numbers maximum of twenty four participants with a minimum of fourteen.
    Training Strategies:
    Training strategies are outlined in the directions to Trainers and are related to the relevant
    topics in the Senior First Aid Guide.
    Trainers must be accredited St. John (NSW) trainers who have demonstrated skills in helmet removal.
    Student Assessment:
    Progressive assessment to be conducted.
    The approved stores for this course are as follows:
    Each Participant:
    · 2 triangular bandages per participant.
    · 1 roller bandage.
    · ‘Emergency First Aid: A quick guide’.
    · 1 Motorcycle first aid cloth badge.
    · Letters of attendance.
    Each Class:
    · 2 tubes of artificial blood.
    Courtesy of MRAA

    [Mod edit: much faster to have all info in one spot]
  2. Ok date hase been confirmed with St John

    Sat 18th March
    9:30 -> 5:30
    5/2 Quist Crt
    cost $85 unless we get 20 people then its $80
  3. im interested for sure.. lucky it wasn changed from the superbikes weekend.
  4. Yah, got to agree with that...I wouldn't be going if it was Supers weekend either!
  5. Me either , glad I changed it :shock: :shock:
  6. I'm interested, will check the band's gig committments for availability.

    Keep me posted!


  7. Currently no gigs on the 18th... definite maybe for me. Will confirm closer to date.

    BTW, what a great idea!

  8. What would be involved in getting this course upgraded to a recognised Level category?
  9. I'm pretty keen, count me in.

    Any idea on where it'll be held?


  10. Sat 18th March
    9:30 -> 5:30
    5/2 Quist Crt, Dandenong

  11. I'm definitely interested too, depending on work. When do you need definite numbers?
  12. I'm in. Do we need to book or something? Last 2 rides I've been on have seen 5 riders deck it, I better do a second aid course as well... :LOL:
  13. Payment due on the day.
    Gav will mark down who you are and add you to the list.
  14. If anybody crashes riding to the course do we get to use them instead of the rubber dummies? :LOL:
  15. Cost is:
    $85 per person if we get 12-17 participants
    $80 18-24

  16. I've seen some of them, I'd rather give the kiss of life to a shark that's just ended a 12 month hunger strike :LOL:
  17. Cmon, Resusci Anne is ok ... just need a few beers first :grin:
  18. Someone asked before but I dont think they got an answer? What would be required to get this a recognised course?
  19. It needs to be taught in line with Level 2 first aid requirements.

    If it is just an ad-hoc course slapped together for motorcyclists then it will not be recognised.
  20. Its an area I havent persued, as it's taken enough time and effort to get it run at this level.