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[Melb] Motorcycle Expo, Fri 16th + coffee night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by gsxr1000, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. I'm going in on Sunday after the Honda track day on the Saturday.
  2. Shit shit shit shit!
    on the 14th I go into hospital for a hernia op.
    Like I'm gonna be in any condition to walk around.
    Can't they postpone it a week??????????
  3. Pffft! Call that dedication? Hospital beds have wheels and you can prop the back up to see better. Where's your spirit man?
  4. Bit of super-glue and some duct-tape and you'll be laughing. Trust me, I'm a Doctor.
  5. I'll be at both I think. Not sure which day to go to the expo tho.
  6. I'll be going on the Sunday or Saturday . This year im taking the chequebook 8)
  7. what is the expo for, do they sell gear there or is it just a bike show?
  8. Gear , accessories , bikes and club promotions etc etc . Even vespa's (see Jake :LOL: )
  9. Yep! I'll be going along to that. Probably on Saturday and maybe even on Sunday \:D/ \:D/
  10. Mmmmm, I owe my son a visit, I might try and make it that weekend and see the show as well......
  11. I'll be up for it..
  12. So...there won't be a Netrider stand like the past few years?
  13. Looks like another excuse to spend some money, haven't been to one of these in years, time to put the tax cheque away til next month now.
  14. Haven't decided which day to go yet but it will be Sat or Sun. Will our netrider card get us in for less money and more of a smile this year?
  15. What, the expo AND the hernia operation? :p
  16. Think I might pass on the Op and just go to coffee :shock: