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[melb] MotoGP watchiness.......

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Cowboy1600, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Well boys and girls, another season of MotoGP is on us. Thinking a shindig on Sunday night is in order. Coverage begins at 6:30pm sunday night. Goes till 11:30pm.

    If anyone wants, you are more than welcome to kick it at my place to watch the goodness. Viewing will be done on a 42' plasma with about $3500 worth of Wharfedale system pumping out the "toonze".

    Thinking a BBQ dinner and beer. Whos up?

  2. Hey Cowboy! Save me a spot on the lounge!!!

    Oh, and PM me the address......

    What do we have to bring along and is your place bike parking friendly?
  3. sounds good to me....better PM the address as well....there is not way I'm going to remember how I got there last time.
  4. Don't worry I'll get Cowboy to tape it and you can come around and watch it on my 10' TV which drowns out the sounds with static when there is too much white or light colours on the screen.

    Always happy to help. :D
  5. what he said all round :D :p

    can't wait!
  6. Yep, count me in! :D

    Pls PM me the address when you have a minute!
  7. Sounds like a great idea! I'll try to make it too, will be coming back from a short camping trip. Could you PM me your address etc..?
  8. Errrr......take note of HER signature and you'll see SHE has girlie bits.
  9. Lets just say you won't want to park in the drive way, a touch on the steep side. But there should be pleanty of parking spaces out the front or IF he opens up the double garage then you should get quite a few bikes in there as long as you are happy to contend with the drive way.

    Robyn this would be a golden opurtunity for us to meet up and ride along the Yarra boulevard!!! \:D/ I think its LONG overdue!!

    What do you need in the way of food and drinks. Right for chairs?
  10. Might be a go if am not working, upgrading a network tomorrow I believe, pm me the address please. I'll partake of bbq but forgo the beer, will be working Monday and have to get home again. Still on P plates anyways.
  11. Hahahaha, that's funny!!! Don't worry RaZ, I get that all the time..... :LOL:
  12. Once we've watch the GP live on Fox Sports (6:30 - 11:30) we can watch it all again on Channel Ten (11:30pm-2:25am)
  13. P plates and zzr 600???
  14. Yep you can be on P plate and ride a big bike..

    You are only restricted to a 250 for the first year after you get your licence.
    So you can get you car/bike licence be on P plates for 3 years but only be restricted to a 250 for the first year, after that you can ride what ever you want but still have to show the P plate..
  15. Kiddlies home sunday night so we will be watching it at HQ. If anyone lives local and doesnt want to travel, they are welcome to watch it here as well, but it will only be on a 80cm screen :(
  16. PM's sent. If anyone else is keen give me a hoy. Or you can call me on 0418994629....go on....what are you waiting for?
  17. Happening again this Sunday (tomorrow). From 7pm onwards for anyone interested. PM me for details.
  18. Hmmmmm now thats nice and local...l might just pop in me thinks :)