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[Melb] More Monash Popo blitzing July '08

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. On the tail of splitting blitz mentioned elsewhere, the Monash is getting targetted for "hooning". Speed at own risk.


    Police blitz on Monash Fwy results in seven cars impounded

    A POLICE blitz on the Monash Fwy overnight has caught seven hoons who had their cars seized.

    All of the cars were impounded for exceeding the speed limit, including a P-plater nabbed driving at 138kmh in an 80 zone who blew 0.118 during a preliminary breath test.

    His licence was suspended on the spot.

    The operation enforced reduced speed limits at worksites between the West Gate Bridge and Glenferrie Road.

    A total of 23 motorists were booked for speeding and six additional penalty notices were issued, including two for unlicensed driving.

    Region one traffic Inspector Greg Parr said the aim of the operation is to ensure the safety of construction workers at the side of the freeway.

    "It's all about drivers acting responsibly while they drive and being mindful of the workers' safety.

    "The reason the speed limits are reduced is because the areas are work zones, providing safety for the workers.

    "The speed limit is reduced for a reason and we will be enforcing it," Insp Parr said.

    Two truck drivers became the first to have their prime movers impounded under anti-hoon laws when they were caught speeding along reduced speed zones on the Monash Freeway last month.
    The blitz also follows round-the-clock patrols of the new Eastlink tollway, which has netted three hoon drivers.
  2. Was this article from last year Rob? ;) :p
    ie '07 ?
  3. Thais ain't a hooning blitz, it's an effort to make people drive at 80k in roadworks zones - which, last time I spent any significant amount of time on the Monash, went almost uninterrupted all the way out to f*cking Endeavour Hills.

    Plenty of people ignore them, although I think the cops would find that most people slow down when there's actually roadworks going on and road workers to avoid. We just don't like slowing down WHEN THERE'S NO BASTARD THERE!

    These roadworks will be ongoing well into 2010. F*cking yay.
  4. +1
    I'm getting that way I hate traffic cops more and more each passing day.
    "Get off your fcuking asses and do some real police work instead of raising revenue for this farktard of a state government you assholes" !

    EDIT: :shock: "Assholes" is not censored here ? :p
  5. this is where they also nabbed the 2 trucks a few weeks back for the same thing, impounded them too. Apparently the reason for the lower speed limits is because the lanes aren't thier usual width, and therefore moron drivers are more likely to crash if they go at full speed.
  6. I find it interesting that unlicenced drivers was just a side note, but speeding gets the headlines.
  7. Not when it's spelled that way. What else would you call a hole in which you keep your ass.
  8. Yes, usually it's when the lanes are narrowed and/or the shoulders are closed - Ie: nowhere to run if someone has a blowout or has to pull over.
  9. Just try doing 80 km/h in peak times... Even doing 85km/h I get cars and trucks tailgating me. (bike&car)

    It seems that just because its school holidays and there isn't as much traffic, it means its ok to speed?

  10. I brace myself each and every time I drive on the Western Ring Road. No one ever does 60km/h ever. They fly by me at 100 and it's pretty scary.

    It's ok though, the cops are busy booking people like me who straight line a roundabout at 9pm when there is no one around. :jerk:
  11. Coming back on the Monash yesterday in a work car, sitting on 85 in the 80 zone I was being agressively tailgated (in the left frigging lane mind you) by a semi. Sitting just over the limit I was the slowest one there - and yes, there were workers in the construction zones.
  12. +1 few times I've been through there I've given up trying to stick to the speed limit - it was simply far, far too dangerous (especially when you have a car that would probably fit under some of the trucks doing 100+).
    Weird part is the vehicles that go the fastest through roadworks always seem to be the ones going the slowest once you get back into the normal 100/110kph stretches :? .
  13. We get a variation of that here in WA. Folk who'll do a steady 80 on a 110 limited road with limited overtaking opportunities and will continue at a steady 80 through 60 limited towns with a profusion of deathwish pedestrians, thus being both infuriatingly slow and criminally negligently fast within the space of a few kms.

    Still, at least they are capable of maintaining a steady speed, unlike other breeds of motorised irritant.
  14. That's not just WA, I see that all the time as well. Usually because although I'm certainly not limited by the speed limit when it comes to overtaking vehicles on the straight, open stretches - I do slow down for towns, schools, roadworks, and anywhere else where there are actually people you can run over.
  15. Meanwhile I had a cop undertake me (yeah, i was in right hand lane), while i was doing the posted 80km/h, he overtook me at no more than 90-100, and then i stuck to him...

    I also think they may be conditioning us for the fully reduced limit to 80km/h... with the theory, you have lived with it for so long, so why not?

    and fully +1 to the not slowing down when no-ones there... just like with the eastlink roadworks, i didnt really slow down during the night time when there was clearly no workers there...