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[Melb] Monday night coffee - Mulgrave

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Sth/East:
    Meets every Monday night in Mulgrave for a coffee and a gathering. It's a casual affair, with lots of general chit chat and tall stories :)

    Location: Fasta Pasta - Brandon Park Shopping Centre
    Cnr Springvale Rd and Ferntree Gully Rd, Mulgrave
    ( On S/vale Rd about 300m south of intersection. Melway: 71 B9 )
    Time: From ~6:00pm every Monday evening, generally until around ~9:00pm
    Map: http://www.brandonparksc.com.au/web_images/map_sm.jpg

    Fasta Pasta has a paved area with seating outside (for the smokers), and also a generous amount of shopping centre parking right out the front.

  2. 5 minutes from my place.
    Might make an appearance in the coming weeks:)
  3. I'll be there, hopefully there will be more than 4 + 1/4 bikes this time. :D

    Is it same shift of waitresses????? Hope it is :D
  4. I am hanging to come to the new meeting place at Glenferrie Rd, but yet again I can't make it today :evil:

    next week ............... :twisted::twisted:
  5. Re: [Melb] Monday coffee nights

    Not fair! I want to be able to do a Mouth...

    But Mouth, cunning chap that he is, has destroyed all reference to the great apostrophe discussion, so I'll have to improvise.

    The western suburbs coffee night offers TALL STORIES, not TALL STORY'S. For this, and other grammar tips, be sure to come to Cafe Aroma tonight!
  6. l will head down straight from work, so l should be there just before 6.00

    VTR Steve is heading down as well, so see you tonight guys :)

  7. so are the friday coffees still on at southbank?? Mondays are so out of the question for me...
  8. Re: [Melb] Monday coffee nights

    Awwww, if I'd known about this riveting topic, I would have been sure to come along to Stinkville tonight :)
  9. (groberts03 posting under craigs name)
    Friday coffee is allways on every friday , rain , hail and shine .
    if you are brave enough to weather it there will allways be people there .
  10. Well l was meant to go to coffee tonight, but unfortunately got held up at workand theres was very little l could do about it.

    I just typed up a whole lot of sorrys for vtrsteve, then wiped it all out.

    All l can say is that lm really sorry steve for not showing and l hope you except my apologies :(
  11. Ooopsss :oops: I forgot to tell Steve. Sorry to you both :)
  12. Well, what can I say :x , waited 45min at the corner for you and guessed that something may have come up.
    I forgive you :D , I will give you my mobile for the next time.

    Anyway, the coffee, food and company was great!!!!
  13. Punish her Steve, PUNISH HER!!!!!!!!! :evil:

    :D :D :D
  14. best. sticky. date. pudding. EVAR!!

    That's all I have to say :p
  15. The whip is out!!!!!!!!!...don't you worry...........

    Nice ride home ah!
  16. Dan, Dan, Dan..... I waited at home for you to come by for coffee (cos I left early), but you didn't turn up. :cry:

    I gave Jaz my address, and you already know where I live. I stayed awake longer than I should have, waiting for you but obviously Jaz wants you all to herself..... (selfish).

    Oh well, I shall just have to occupy my idle time some other way than waiting for you to visit after coffee.....
    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  17. Sure was Steve, nice cruise home after coffe and that mega focca, just the way I like it. I can see your GPS safely guided you home :D
    BTW, I went to Sandringham after I turned on to Chandler, short stop at home and back on the road again. Got home at 1:30 AM, pheeeew, talking about dew last night, I soaked my leathers with 5 litres of it :D
  18. Oh sorry Rob..my fault completly!!!!! I didn't let Dan know you were waiting for him...and he was too busy eating Sticky Date Pudding :roll: :D

    Although, I did give your addy to a hot waiter..so he might just pop around...unexpected, is that better?? :p :p :D :D
  19. Woohoo!! Hot waiters!!!!