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[Melb] Monday coffee nights

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Flipper, Jan 10, 2005.

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  1. Monday coffee nights seem to be back and becoming a regular thing again so if anyone wants to come down to Glen Waverley to kick start the week off we have coffee at Pescare Restaurant which is situated opposite the Glen Waverley library. Bike parking outside the library andwe are usually there from 6pm.

  2. i will try get down on monday will have to drive down though but thats better than nothing
  3. i will be there.

    (dont forget the top please deb)

  4. And put some pants on as well. :LOL:
  5. Funny lot aren't ya :p
    I have a footy club meeting tonight but depending on babysitter I will try to call in to drop the top off for you Sluglie before the meeting.
  6. What time will people be there until? I might not be able to make it until about 8pm, but if all goes well could be there around 6:30.
  7. Last week there were people there until closing time (about 11). Varies from week to week though.
  8. I will be down there around 6:30 or so - how will I know where to find people?
  9. Deb,

    Thanks for that - I think it was you I was sitting next to briefly tonight? I had to bail at 8pm but will stick around next week longer (now I know where it is!)

  10. Deb didn't make it last night Wanderer - that was Thundercat (Rachel) you were next to when I rocked up and stole the seat your jacket and helmet were on :)
  11. TrenShadow,

    Oops - guess I'll figure it out eventually! Will catch up with you next week?

  12. Yep, i had a meeting last night and couldn't make it (sorry Sluglie) but I plan to be there next Monday night.

    Sluglie, I will bring your merchandise with me then :)
  13. i know i have a mullet , but its hard to mistake deb for me .

    I am prettier to start with wanderer :LOL:
  14. Groberts,

    Nah - I meant after I moved down the other end of the table :D

    I haven't met Deb yet but I find that hard to believe!!!

    Was good to catch up with you.

  15. cheers deb, you are a star (no matter what other people say :p )
  16. Hahahaha, since when do i care what other people think :LOL: :LOL: :wink:

    but tell me...what are they saying? :? :p
  17. Debs asked me to tell you all that she is coming tonight and will be bringing merchandise and plate surrounds for those that wish to pick them up.
  18. Thanks Deb's Secretary!

    But Jake, your hair isn't long enough for plaits... :wink:
  19. ...and I don't like carrots.....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.