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[Melb] Monday 21st, GOR ride, L friendly

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MV, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. As above, heading off at 7am from Shell Westgate, outbound (Todd road).

    That's heading off at, ie leaving at 7 am, you'll need to be there beforehand with a full tank & empty bladder

    Early start, I know, but it's the best time to ride!

    Breakfast somewhere, lunch at Apollo Bay, plenty of riding in between.

    It'll be around 400ks from start to finish, but over most of the day, should be back in melbourne by 4pm.

    The pace will be modest, we'll cater to the slowest rider & there will be plenty of breaks, so learners are more than welcome.

    If you haven't been to the GOR before, this should be a good time to do it.

    PM me if you want any further details.


  2. 2 x confirmed so far, if no learners show up, we'll...ah... go faster. Within the confines of the law of course.
  3. Very tempting! I think I'll ask the boss for my flex day, and I'll TRY to get out of bed early enough to get there... I'll let you know either way if I'm likely/unlikely to make it. Haven't been on the GOR before, so I'd love to give it a go! :)

  4. Hmm,......
    Just one thing to sort out in the next day or two and I could just about make this...
  5. It'll be a good introduction Danny, definitely worth getting up early for :)

    3 confirmed, 2 possibles.

    It'll be a nice little group.
  6. At this stage I have Monday off if that is the case I will Be there also..............

    Regards Neil
  7. Faking a sicky, will be there.
  8. Not a learner, but still restricted and never been on a NR ride before. I think I've got the day off work, so might come along if welcome.
  9. Everyone's welcome!

    Looks like everyone coming out of the woodwork for this one!

    Don't forget folks, we're leaving at 7, I can't stress this enough :)
  10. Got too much happening at work at the moment, so I'll be a "no show". :( Have fun on the ride. Looks like it should be a nice day for it!
  11. So early...
    I finish work at 11pm
    I'll try to make it .
    If I did come though, My drz400 has only a range of 160km to a tank then I'm on reserve. Is that an issue?
  12. Myself and Stookie will be along for a leisurely ride tomorrow, IF we can make 7am otherwise we will catch up with you down there.
  13. Looks like I'm in and will be there with another rider......
    C u in then...
  14. Heather is going to meet up with Joe at Wantirna and come in with him,
    So she doesnt get lost,
    She is on a Learners, But has done quite a few 200 klm rides by herself,
    She has 4500 kays up on her cruiser,
    Have a good day and I hope the sun gods shine on you,
  15. It's been a while, I could be tempted....

    Prefer to meet at Torquay or Anglesea if you're passing through... Would either of those places be a good first break and give me a chance to meet up?
  16. Bit early for me... means I have to wake up at 5 to get ready, etc.
  17. If waking up at 5am, from ~10,000km away and able to make this ride (wishful) I'd be there, with bells on ! In this context, you'll have no problems, foxtwo. Nothing like a a fresh, crisp early start to an awesome day's riding (y)

    Damn, missing out on another great ride. Have fun folks !
  18. Heather has to get up 4.45 to make it,
    Me, I will roll over and go back to sleep, Hahahahahahaha

    Mr Messy,
    Just means you have to stop and refuel more often,
  19. That would apply to me also.
  20. Hi. I am hoping to come along too.
    Never been on an NR ride but you all seem like nice guys. Looking fwd to it.