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[Melb] - midweek "Sperm" ride - Thurs 14th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. hockay.

    ride will be thursday.
    meeting 11am (sleep in and no traffic hassles :p) at Beechworth bakery in Healesville. for an 11:15 sharp departure. this ride will run well into the arvo me thinks. it is 223km's short, and lots of fun. barely a straight road to be had :twisted:

    this is a fairly advanced ride, but with not so advanced people like myself. it will be at a pace everyone can handle. and the route may vary on the day, depending how people are feeling at the time.

    at the moment, the route will be a clockwise loop starting at Healesville with Black spur, up to Marysville, maybe pop up to Buxton for lunch etc, then back down and through Reefton, down to Warburton. depending how all is feeling, a run up Mt Donna Buang may be on the menu :grin:
    from Warby, a lovely detour is called for. we head citybound to Launching Place, then down Gembrook-Launching Place road, to Pakenham Upper. from there, back up to Cockatoo, Yellingbo, and end up in Woori Yallock.

    why do 5km, when there's 65km of fun to be had :grin:

    onwards we go, from Woori straight up to Healesville, where we end the day. others like me will continue playing on the Spur until light fails, my bike fails, or its time to head off to Thurs night Mystery Ride. if we cruise through the route, we might drag it out enough to link to the MR, all are welcome :)

    the whole route can be found here. oh by the way i re-named the ride, click the route map and you will see why :p it has a party hat! :grin: :grin: :roll: :LOL:

    post up if your coming, or i wont wait for you! :p

    so far there is:


    Johnny O

    see you all there!
  2. This one sounds fantastic. I'll see if i can get work off and then get back to ya :grin:
  3. A great ride AND a late start allowing a sleep in. Curse you Work. Curse you to hell.

    Damn! Why wasn't I born independently wealthy.
  4. thats what sick leave is for :wink:

    the way i see it, anyone working casually can choose their shifts, no requirement to work unless they want to. anyone else is part or fulltime, and thus gets sick days. use 'em! for those that dont get any.... :p that is all :grin:

    come oooon Grey, u know u wanna :twisted:
  5. Or if you owe a mate money cos he just helped you buy a bike :wink:

    I'm tending towards not coming at this stage. Call me soft, but it's just a bit much too soon. :( I've only been out seriously twice on the zxr, gimme a couple more weeks and i'll be good to ride with a group.
  6. to be honest, if you havent ridden much serious stuff, then this isnt the ride for you. it's gonna be a long-ish day, and some pretty technical roads covered. if your confident in your cornering (you dont have to be fast, just confident), your welcome to come, but this is not a day for learners to get used to twisties.

    if u choose not to however, give me a yell sometime and im happy to go for a run up the spur or around the hills somewhere if you want :grin:

    its good to see your thinking about yourself though, not just jumping in the deep end like i do :roll: :grin:
  7. There may be some (possibly me) who would need to refuel. Can you put in a stop at a servo somewhere in the ride?
  8. Thanks for understanding. I don't wanna sound like an a complete noob, cos i'm not that bad. I know it sounds cocky, but i'm fairly confident in my cornering. I'm sure i can improve, but i'm comfortable leaning the bike over for sure.
    I rode the yarra boulevard last sat which has some nice corners and hairpins and i was fine, kept up with a mate on an rs125.
    I'd love to come riding with you, i just think this one's a bit too soon.
    Hope it goes well tho and have a blast.
    I'll join you soon! :grin:
  9. bugs, no probs. its 140 or something from healesville to warburton, theres fuel there, but this isnt the country, this is just my backyard :twisted: theres fuel everywhere, just give me a yell when you need some if your joining u

    im pretty sure your taking words straight outa my mouth :grin:
    you sound like me! :p
    have you got any free time tomorrow, before 3pm? we can go for a fun ride, and i can suss you out :cool: lol i sound like a wanker sorry. but basically i can let you know if you'll be fine for the ride or not. or if you want to ride up eeearly on thurs, you can come for a ride up the Black spur? i'll be cutting a few laps before we meet at 11, if im gonna ride i'd rather do the whole day :twisted:

    let me know :)
  10. Man what an awesome ride! I have Thursday off work, hmmm, will consider it.
  11. be good if u can make it Johnny!
    i know you've been on thurs MR rides, but i cant put a face to your name :p so be good to meet you finally. love the new signature too :LOL: (i think its new lol)
  12. Nibor sorry i went offline too early last night, didn't get ur post. Today is no good, i'm already at work and i'm out this evening. I'd like to come up for thrus morning, but i'm just not sure if it's worth the trip out there if i'm not gonna do the whole day. At this point in time i just can't afford to miss a whole day of work (you know how it is - student's budget :wink: ).
    You'll just have to do another ride sometime soon, maybe on a weekend?
    Will you be at the mystery ride? I could make it to that possibly...
  13. Sounds like a nice ride, I'm on holidays at the moment.
    I'll let you know. :grin:
  14. Thanks Nibor... cool. My back yard when I was a kid was next door...Kinglake. I remember riding the Kinglake - St Andrews Rd on My pushbike, then later on a Moriwaki 836cc Honda 4 before that Rd was sealed... Let me tell you the old honda 4 power slid that Rd big time... especialy after extended visits to the St Andrews Pub... The older I get the faster I was. :wink:

    the forcast looks OK for the general area.

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
    P.O. Box 1636 Melbourne Vic 3001 http://www.bom.gov.au

    Northeast District Forecast
    Issued at 0540 on Wednesday the 13th of February 2008


    Weather Pattern:
    A strong high pressure system well to the south of the Bight will move very
    slowly eastwards over the next few days to be located over Tasmania on Saturday.

    Thursday Fine. A mild and mostly sunny day with a moderate southwest to
    southeasterly wind.

    Count me in.
  15. Count me in to mr nibor, looking forward to a good blast and a fast ride.

    I got me new D&D muffler today and its on and it sounds GREAT you will here me coming from mile's away.

  16. It,s good to see that we have a few riders tomorrow.The more the merrier I say. :)
    I will see you all tomorrow at Beechworth bakery in Healesville.
    I am planning to get there around 10.45am.
  17. i'll be up early tomorrow, im either riding up through warrandyte to st-andres, thru kinglake and down chum creek to healesville for a warmup, or i'll head straight to the spur for a few laps of fun :grin:

    looks to be an awesome day, sunny but not hot, shouldnt be windy either. :grin:

    shame its that time of the week petrol is up :LOL:


    see ya's tomorrow :twisted:

  18. this is why we are sleeping in guys! :grin:
    well im doing a kinglake run with a mate, but you can sleep in for me ok :cry:
  19. 9.45 am Morning drizzle is still going on up here, looks like it might I say MIGHT clear but I'm still going anyway hell you only live once!

  20. I got stranded on the way to Healsville with a flatty.

    Spew bags!

    You'l have to let me know how it went.

    If anyone needs a sympathetic motorcycle recovery service city/west location phone 0403042586.