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[melb] market research for one over 30 y.o. rider. (23/8/06)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. i got a call to do market research this wednesday (they got my number from a riding friend) and they need one more rider to participate.

    the requirements are:

    a netrider who has over 300 posts (that's my own requirement, i'd rather line the pockets of someone who is an active member of netrider rather than a person who's just joined to sell their bike and rack off.)
    :wink: (if no-one is interested with that many posts then i'll happily drop the requirement.)

    over 30 years old. (sorry fellow struggling uni students!) :p

    don't work in PR/media/marketing/market research etc etc..

    owns/rides a motorcycle and use it to get to work/commute. (so if you only ride weekends or do track days you don't qualify.)

    doesn't own the bike solely to save money on fuel. (if you've ever enjoyed a ride or smiled on your bike i guess you pass that one.)

    the research will be at 6pm in st kilda this wednesday, i think it goes for 75 minutes, but it might be 90, i can't remember. :oops:

    you'll need to bring your drivers/riders licence on the night. PM me if you meet the above requirements, i'll pass on the phone number of the woman who will confirm your attendance.

    cheers. sorry to those who don't fit the mould.
  2. hmmm,

    Market research for who?

  3. i think it's probably a motorcycle insurer, such as shannons.
  4. sorry for being nosey, I just like to know whether it's gunna be a waste of time (most govt stuff) or not (private companies as they can change) :grin:

    Let us know how it goes.

  5. I'd do it but bit far away :(
  6. Hmm this sounds a bit suss to me.
    Anyone else think it's a bit suss?
  7. Sounds like market research to me, not suss really... just very very boring.

    I don't fit the demographic anyway because I don't (normally) commute on the bike... not that I could have been bothered going.
  8. Ok, I fit all the criteria and am prepared to put my hand up, but firstly I'd like to know..... um, actually I think you covered all the details I need :)

    ahh heck...yeah why not, count me in.

    Pm sent.
  9. it's true, i was planning on luring an unsuspecting netrider to a dark alley in st kilda where i could mug them and steal their bike. but i forgot to start the thread using an alias! :cry: the best laid plans eh? :p

    sorry for the lack of communication (moved offices and i can't use the net at work anymore! nooooooo!) the position has been filled.. i think.

    sorry to those whose time i wasted (those who PM'ed me after the spot was taken.)
  10. I did one of these market research thingies last night. Got paid 50 bucks to taste and comment on a few muesli bars!