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[Melb] Mad max run

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Flipper, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Is anyone going to this tomorrow?
    Dave and I are thinking of going along and just wondering if any other netriders will be there. I am assuming Birdrock will be there. Went along last year and it was alot of fun :D

  2. Cundalini wants his hand back :!: :shock:

    Oh no, can't make it for a second year in a row. Dad gammit.
  3. Bugger going on ksrc run to pig and whistle looks like mals z900 misses out again
  4. Doctors or bike ride :-k :-k I'll see how early i can get into the quacks tomorrow.
  5. Was watching the movie on DVD the other day and it's amazing the changes that have occured in the 20 or so years since it was made.

    Cherry Lane in Laverton North has a few more buildings on it.

    the Korry Creek Rd overpass on the freeway has changed big time as has the original Werribee exit (Melbourne side).

    A few of the out of the way spots haven't changed but the urban sprawl is slowly catching up.
  6. hm.. can someone explain to me the 'poker' side of this event? how does that tie into riding and mad max?
  7. You go to 5 checkpoints, one being the start, another being the finish and draw cards at each checkpoint, best hand wins something. Has SFA to do with Mad Max as such, just the run will be taking in some of the points used in the movie.
  8. wow cool, sounds like a lot of fun, great excuse to ride aswell ;)

    unfortunately i have something on already, but I'll keep my eyes open for the next simular event.
  9. Next year. Damn this being without a bike I'm allowed to ride thing!
  10. I met Bertrand Cadart a couple of days ago down in Tassie. French bloke who designed and made all the bikes for the movie, plus played "clunk" in it as well.

    Hilarious guy!
  11. please tell me you are going to post your imitation of him on here Loz - very funny :D You should send it to the Tassie tourism council for their next advertising campaign!!