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[melb] Looking for work

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by egiste, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Hi people,

    My bro (Damo) is just back from an extended round the world trip and is looking to settle in Melbourne.

    He is looking for work and I was just wondering if anyone knows of any thing opening up in the near future.

    If so, give us a yell.

    Cheers in advanced.
  2. What industry?

    What quals if any?

  3. Same here! Any work for me?
  4. i can get people interviews for wait staff positions?
  5. Damo is a butcher by trade but is looking to try his hand at something different.

    Is thinking long term of getting into nursing or similar where he can forge out a career path, and atm looking for mabie an orderly job or similar.

    That said there is probably many other jobs that he hasn't even thought of that he would be willing to try.
  6. How about Man Whore?

    Nursing he will need to go and do a degree, thats not something you can just walk into.

  7. true, but something to work towards, I think you only need a tafe course to start out, then you can do work and study at the same time
  8. What sort of work do you want. I work in an Autistic school and we always seem to have Teacher Assistant positions going (no quals needed), and Bulleen's close to you. I helped egiste's brother with an application so I have some practice now. :D
  9. He wants Nursing assistant or something like that. He shopuld be able to start with that and then work on the education side of things at night. I did a Teaching degree while working as a TA so it's not impossible. :D