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[Melb] Looking for wheel repairer

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. I have a slightly dented rim and I'm looking for a wheel repairer ASAP. Prefer Werribee area around Melbourne. Would be great if they could do the work on the weekend.

  2. What the heck have you done mate ??
  3. If an alloy rim is repaired it is no longer roadworthy. Neway wheels in Heidelberg repair rims of all kinds but they are slow as they are one of the few left. They concentrate on clasic car stuff but repair wheels for alot of wheel/tyre shops.
  4. For good reason. Given the CBR isn't exactly rare it'd probably be cheaper/easier to just source a 2nd hand rim from a wreckers than find someone capable of repairing and re heat treating the old one.
    Of course I'd be going the construction mob for a brand new rim - nothing else could be guaranteed to be safe (2nd hand rims could always have tiny cracks unidentifiable by eye).
  5. I need to get the bike back on the road quickly. I was thinking about trying the wreckers, but I could pay $400 for one that may have cracks in it from previous repair works, that and I think front wheels would be a bit rare (most impacts would have the front hitting something).

    I would like to replace it with new, however that's $800 out of my pocket. I doubt I'll see anything from the construction company. I doubt they would fork out cash too easily. However this will be the second complaint I've had against this construction company at this particular set of works.