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(Melb) Long time reader, first time poster... HI!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by geezmoz, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Been a long time reader of netrider but wasn't a big participant of it. Why? I've absolutely no clue...

    Went to my first Motogp last week and saw tons of peeps riding in groups and realised that I haven't been doing that for a while, as my ride has become my daily transport and it's getting a bit old riding by myself.

    So, guess it's time to socialize a little and get to know more people!

  2. Welcome to NR.
  3. Thanks!

    Btw, my ride is a 09 ducati monster 696. I live in the sth eastern surburbs, so if anyone's around this area, n interested for a ride buddy, let me know
  4. Hi geezmoz and welcome to NR
  5. Nice bike you got there.
  6. welcome, and lovely bike you have :D
  7. Welcome geezmoz! Heaps of group rides and get togethers in Melbourne, look forward to seeing you at one of them.
  8. Thanks all! Definitely will try to get into one of the group rides soon!

    here's a pic of my ride, if you happen to see me along burke rd, do wave... :biker:
  9. Cool. Love the mirrors. Rizoma?
  10. noice bike!! Welcome an keep smiling :)
  11. welcome mate!

    im kinda in that area, get out when i can. join up some of the rides that happen on here :)
  12. Yea... but now I've replaced them with Barracuda mirrors due to a small incident with a X5. Frame protector saved it but the bar end coped the brunt of the fall.
    Thanks enigma, gimme a yell if you're interested for a short ride or coffee. ;)
  13. my sv kinda sounds like a ducati? i guess i can do coffee :p
  14. Welcome to NR :)

    How'd you enjoy the Island?
  15. Thanks minglis. The island was awesome. Nv seen so many bikes at one place before, n everyone is so friendly. Even though I drove, the traffic is even more orderly than peak hr traffic in the city. Unbelievable.
  16. Welcome to the posting side of Netrider :).