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[MELB] Lils birthday bash, Sun 30th April

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Removed_User_5, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Now i have your attention -

    Seeing as Lil is turning 22 again ( :shock: :p :LOL: ) next Wednesday, but can't enjoy herself on the day 'cos she has overnights, I thought I'd have a thing next weekend to celebrate instead.

    WHEN: Sunday 30th April from 6 or so (I made it an early start for all you suckers who have to work the next day :p )

    WHERE: Glenferrie Hotel, Burwood road Hawthorn (near the intersection of Glenferrie and Burwood roads)

    WHO: Whoever feels like coming down as long as your not an idiot, Loz your exempt !

    They have pretty good food there and there's room on the footpaths around for parking (city side of the Hotel is probably better :wink: ). There are also 4 pool tables and couches out the back.

    See you there!!!

    Stookie and Lil......Shhhh dont tell her its a surprise....
  2. Naked girls: I'll be there. :grin:
  3. Thats right near me! You better not wake me up on your drunken walks home.

    Is the Glenferrie food good there now? I reckon that place went down hill as soon as the pokies went in, and i saw an all male band doing kylie minogue covers!
    Last time i went there they wouldn't even make me a parma so its the Hawthorn now, or the Skinny Dog is i have the energy.

    But it has been a while since i've visited that place.
  4. ill be there
    naked chicks and beer.... sweet :grin:
  5. u dont drink beer u dirty old perv!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
    i'l be there for the beer and nibbles though :grin:
  6. goddamn. just round the corner from me but i'll be on a plane to sydney. have a great birthday lil and have a beer for me eh?
  7. Ill be there and stookie I challenge you to a game of pool as I may have a chane of beating you at the moment mate :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Bugger, me and Matty will be up in Brisbane!
  9. sounds good !
  10. Re: [MELB]Lils birthday bash....naked girls and drinking

    Well that counts out about 95% of the netrider population! :wink: :p
  11. I've only been to the Glenferrie early on a Thursday for dinner and many Sundays as well. The food's good and its more open and relaxed than the other two (I reckon)....less of the young crowd that make so much noise...and I think the food is better than the Hawthorn.

    Part of the choice was because there is less chance of the cripple being knocked or bumped....
  12. hay gimp boy do you notice your shoulder hurting more in cold weather? mines been giving me nothing but trouble in the last few days!
  13. Shoulder, what shoulder ? mines isnt attached and the nerves are dead so im not getting any greif just now.

    Ithink your just getting old Justin. lol
  14. Damn, Jay, why do you and Lil have to live in Melbourne???

    Best wishes for the day and for lots of fun for the lady of the moment :grin:
  15. shit knows mine has. Just ask emma, she puts up with my swearing telling my shoulder + wrist go fcuk themselves.

    Should be able to go, unless by some miracle I'm totally healed by then and my d675 arrives th day before, like fcuk I'd spend a minute away from it for a few days/weeks/months :)
  16. you are right...im getting old but at least im not 35...i would hate to be THAT old
  17. Sounds great, i'll be there for a bit... if I can get the damn bike to start :evil:

    The damn thing hates the cold... a bit like me...
  18. Is anyone able to tell me the closest train station to here and rough directions to get from station here + time.

    Painkillers have zapped my motivation for doing this myself.

    thanks :)
  19. Get off the train at Glenferrie Station (on Glenferrie Road).
    Head South from the station,Walk along Glenferrie Rd.
    Burwood Rd is approximately 103metres from the train line.
    There is a big bluestone church on the corner.
    Turn right at Burwood Road as if to head West towards the city and I believe the hotel is 52 m along on the Southern side of Burwood Rd opposite what was once known as Manresa House which is in the grounds of the Bluestone church .
  20. Oh dear, I've been tied up looking for a needle in a haystack. Won't be able to attend. :(