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[Melb] Lighting the Monash Freeway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bosi72, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum however involving vicroads.GOV.au assumption is this is the right place.

    Anyway, I was surprised the other day when I saw no street lights will be installed on new 4-lane Freeway between Warrigal Rd. and Stud Rd ?

    Sent an email to Vicroads and got response the street lighting has not been included as part of the scope of the upgrade project.

    I think that would be the first 4-lanes urban Freeway in the World (or Southern hemisphere) without street lights ?

    What do you think ?

  2. I have headlights. :)
  3. Isn't a big straight road with no parked cars on the side, driveways, or unsignposted entrances/exits the safest kind to leave up to people's headlights?
  4. Dark areas of the Freeway are also ideal places for "idiots" who wants to play "throw the rock onto passing traffic" game.
  5. I've just spent the last 30min out the front, throwing rocks at passing traffic. There are numerous street lights on my street and not one of them attempted to stop me. :p
  6. G'day everyone,.....

    Not a heck of a lot of lighting along the western HWY out from rockbank.

    Should'nt be to hard to handle that section of the monash unless your headlights are'nt very bright.

    Might be a good stretch of road for a speedtrap afterdark with the IR camera's.
    Just a thought.

    Dr Who?
  7. That you're an f*cken geriatric whinger grandpa.

    How does that sound to ya.

    Sounds OK to me because its right on the mark IMHO, & VicRoads think
    the same & fobbed you off because they remember the same spam you
    wrote to em back in July 2007 snork_lach.

    You thought me & Vicroads had forgotten huh? 682.

    Blimey; you been crying about the Monash since you came here 12mths
    ago & F*ck knows where you were whinging about the road before coming

    Seems you lead a sorry existance action-smiley-041.

    For God's sake, please kindly ask the Reverend Paul to please exorcise that
    bastard Monash-demon outta yo ass 783.

    If its not because they havent built a bike lane for you, then its because
    they havent fixed 2 electronic signs for you. If its not because of signs, its
    because of shredded rubber left behind. If its not rubber, its speeding cagers.
    If its not speeding cagers, its now because you have no working head lights.

    WTF you next gonna cry about the Monash? :

    For someone who travels the Monash daily (as you have mentioned
    more times than I care to count), the Q you should be asking everyone

    :arrow: Why the f*ck, do I, Bosi, to this date still using that bloody dangerous
    stretch of road?

    I mean seriously, WTF don't you start using an alternate route if its so bad?


    At least that way others can start reading whinges about a different road for
    a change [-o<

    Remind me of my forever-whinging friggen 60yo mutha-in-law.


  8. LOL

    a short section of the Eastern has no lights
  9. MG, you have the memory and search capabilities of an Elephant. Remind me to never, ever, upset you. For I am sure that on my 100th birthday I'll receive a telegram from you reminding me of it :)
  10. You don't have to have a brain of an elephant to click on "find all posts from such and such user". Monkey brain should be big enough for such operation.

    Imagine posting 5313 rubbish blah-blahs.
    Mate, you should apply for Nobel prize for literacy.
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  12. I can't (imagine it) but obviously you want to try............ :p
  13. The Calder Freeway doesn't have lights from Milleara Rd onwards.

    The Hume doesn't have too many at all

    The Western & Metropolitan Ring roads are unlit in a lot of parts.

    The Mornington Peninsula Freeay is unlit.

    The freeway to Geelong has bugger all lights on it.

    Need I go on??
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  15. giggle. Z900

    Lurker doesnt need to try TT.

    He wins his award hands down snork_lach.



    I see you dumping the same identical shit on the MRAA forums LOL

    Its no wonder ya havent gone back to ya Land Rovers forum & thanked
    those who provided you with assistance.

    Check out one of your replies:

    An inconsiderate skirt-&-lipstick-wearing tosser at that.. & you got the
    nerve to call me a pervert?


    Honestly girlie,

    Until you start using this site other than for having a sook..
  16. What happened with bike modifications in 2008 ?

    Mate, what your bike need is a DISCO BALL :)

    So far it looks like you've got 3 brain cells only. One for posting messages on NetRider, second for bike modifications and third one for Googling.

    Very smart...
  17. Ask in the correct thread :roll:


    & in comparison, since you been here, you've yet to find your first :wink:
  18. Remind me never to ask you guys about the type of tiles I should put on my roof.
    thread LOCKED!~
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