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[Melb] Licence Course Providers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by egiste, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all, Im sure this has been asked a million times but,

    I want to do my licence asap, for some reason I have been lazy up until now, and cant get a into a HART weekend course until September 30 and there is no way that I can get another day off work in the next say kabillion months :(

    Is there someone else in Melbourne that does a midweek evening class ?? or weekend that may be free in the next few weekends ??

    Any comments muchly appreciated !!

    (I don't really have time to call people and reseach it and just asking here is so much easier :p )
  2. ring rider brothers out at calder park...i didn't even book in...I went to watch someone else, and the instructor said," well ya here now, you may as well sit the test ":)

    9217 8825
    0429 103 708

  3. MTA & Ride-tek are both in the partners page!
  4. Motorcycle Motion 136 -140 cheltenham Rd 9532 0509
  5. Perhaps you could try Armstrongs out on Settlement road?
    My girlfriend did her licence there, real easy! :grin:
  6. Cheers lads !!

    Hopefully this weekend !!! :D
  7. So how did you go?
  8. He didn't.
    He's a slacky..aren't ya Mark. :LOL:
  9. lol, yep just to lazy this weekend :(
  10. And also the Links Directory for the remiander.
  11. So have you at least booked in with anyone?
  12. Don't forget DECA in various locations as well.
  13. In you ever recommend or de-recommend someone, or a business, then unless you prepared to say why in either/both cases, then your really wasting your time posting at all.
  14. Fair call!!

    I de-recommend (is that a word?) rider bros in Calder
    I saw the way they run a learners course, little riding at all and push you out door when they think you've had enough!
    never again!

  15. :?

    I went to HART for my licence test and they were great, I would highly recommend them, as much as I liked Stay upright, HART were far more professional in their facilities, organisation, and approach to the students.