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[Melb] Leather rental for track day?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Morbo28, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone know where I can rent leathers for the purpose of a track day?

    After Googling it, a lot of businesses seem to only rent leathers with bike rentals, not separately :? Someone mentioned it is possible.

    It would be say a Sat pickup and Mon return. Anyone know what sort of prices I'd be looking at?

    I could get just pants to attach to my jacket, but I'll probly just go the whole hog and get a one piece.

    I'm bayside and I'd be off to Broadford.

    Cheers :grin:

    EDIT: Ended up hiring some from Garners Bike Hire, Peek St, Nth. Melbourne. $45 for the day and there'll be some sort of deposit. They have one or two decent pairs for rent.
  2. Wouldn't renting leathers be a bit like wearing someone elses used franger?
  3. I called, them, they said they don't rent them out :?

    Anyone know of a place?
  4. It's an excellent question that comes up regularly . If you find a solution let us know.
  5. In Sydney, WRP who do the Bridgestone tyres out on track also hire out leathers.

    Maybe asking this of whomever you've booked the day with?

    Otherwise I've no idea.
  6. Thanks guys, I will post up my answer when I figure it out. there is a place I have been put on to, but I need to confirm that they can do it.

    Cheers D1300 the people I am doing the track day with do not hire leathers out like PI, EC etc so I have to find another place to get them.

    It's not good timing for me to BUY pants or a 1 piece, and it is my first track day, so I want to try it out and see whether it is something I am likely to do in the future.
  7. I already know the answer to that. Once you've had track, you can't go back.
  8. If it's at Broadford ring Champions Ride Days...I'm sure they hire leathers... :?
  9. Hmmm yeah Champion do rent the leathers, but it's not one of their ride days - they are based in QLD and bring them with them when they come down.
  10. lol yeah I'm getting tingly just thinking about it. I'm trying not to think about it coz I'm so bloody excited about going. Part of it is nervous wondering wtf it's gunna be like and will I get eaten up by other bikes etc but mostly I'm just f'ing keen!
  11. You'll be surprised mate, that's for sure. It can be nothing like we make it up to be in our minds, but then the reality is so much better.

    You already know you wont be the fastest out there, but bear in mind there's a fair chance you wont be the slowest either. :grin:
    Whatever the case is, it's a giggle fest once you dial yourself in.

    And being able to get a close up view of what a motorbike is capable of in the right hands is very humbling. :cool:

    Dammit, stop talking about it, now i want to go.

    Someone please lock this thread :LOL:
  12. Buy some leather pants.

    i've done track days (at PI) in both my one piece and in my zipped-up jacket and separate pants.

    then at least you'll have them to ride on the road with too...


    and yes, track days are fab. Just...don't...crash....

    ie do some laps to get the tyres hot (and remember to put them to track pressure - usually 30psi ish.)

    take some bananas and get used to going for small, frequent pees...
  13. I went out and bought a one piece race suit for track days. I look like a skinny monkey hahaha. Even though I only took my Across on there, I had heaps of fun and it was well worth the money...then again I could afford to buy it.

    As Chef said, once you go track, you never go back.

    phong =P~
  14. cheers guys...damn I am so pumped now :cool:

    And I am upgrading in early May but I deliberately want to get some track time under my belt on this little lawnmower before I try the same thing on my upgrade.

    Cheers for the pm Cheffie, I've replied :grin:
  15. Your bike will be fantastic at broadford, some of the young guys on Metrakit bikes are incredibly fast round that track.
    Are you going to the preston day on the 1st feb?
  16. Well I'll do my best :grin: Yep that's kinda why I wanna take this bike on the track before I upgrade...coz it just loves the twisties - even if it doesn't like much above $1.40. I notice there are two long straights at Broadford, which probly won't suite the bike well.

    But enough of the bike...I think it will be ME that would be any limiting factor on the day :LOL:

    And yep if that didn't confirm it, I'll be de-virginating my track hymen at Broadford on the 1st Feb :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I have a 550 and i get passed on the straights, its the corners were the fun is had.
    The preston days are really relaxed and friendly, great fun there's never any pressure to be super fast.
    I'll see you there :grin:
  18. Cheers Riffler, I look fwd to seeing you there mate. I take it you are on the Superduke?

    What's your real world name? :LOL:

    FYI for all interested, I asked a few q's about the requirements for the PMCC race day at Broady. I relayed them in this thread. :grin: