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[Melb] Learner Ride to Meredith, Sunday 18/12/2005 (repost)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. ((Second Try for posting this.... if the other thread is still there, Admins feel free to trash one))

    Its time for a Learner Ride, since I'm pretty much a learner on the current steed, plus I feel like a day out. SO....

    Learner's Loop to Meredith via Lara & Glenmore
    (yes, this is the same route as the Labour Day ride)

    Start Point: Westside Taverner Hotel carpark, Laverton (MEL 53 F4, UBD 279 G9) - Kororoit Creek Road exit of the Princes Freeway. Its huge, you can't miss it.
    Departure Time: 10:30am for 11am departure.
    Ride Class: Sightseeing (Class 2) but DEFINATELY a great ride for learning on. Roads are good with a variety of conditions. Route knowledge is possessed by some of the riders, so hints for the conditions ahead are available at each stop. Ride to your own limits on this one, and no-one will get upset.
    Ride Leader: TBA
    Tail End Charlie: TBA

    Route Map: Its Coming...

    Stage 1: Laverton - Meredith
    Distance: 100km
    Route: First blat down the Princes Freeway simply out of convenience. Once we reach Werribee, we'll annoy the populace by roaring down Synnot Street, then onto Bulban Road, out through Little River and into Lara on the Old Melbourne Road. Avoids the traffic and lets us ride our own pace.

    Waypoint: BP Station, cnr Station Lake Road & Forest Road (Melways 422 K5, UBD 609 B12). Time for a drink and fuel for those who need it. Last decent fuel available until Bacchus Marsh. If you're unsure of your tank capacity, fuel up here.

    From Lara, we'll head NW into the foothills of the Brisbane Ranges, heading towards Anakie, then up Pringles Road to Steiglitz, Maude and finally Meredith. Roads through here get steep as they wind through the foothills.

    Destination: Meredith Pub. Straight across the intersection from where we ride in, park in the shade. Decent food, and pretty cheap. Lunch here!

    Stage 2: Meredith - Laverton
    Distance: 100km
    Route: From Meredith, we'll go NE, across Slate Quarry Road and up higher - through Dindidwarrah, Mt Wallace and Glenmore before passing through Rowsley, and finally into Bacchus Marsh.

    Waypoint: Bacchus Marsh. Full range of service stations, fast food chains and sources of caffiene for those suffering withdrawal symptoms. Stopping long enough for a quick drink (it could be pretty hot) and fuel for those who may need it, then we'll press on.

    We'll head East, before turning SE back towards suburbia. Down through Parwan, behind Mt Cottrell and then down Derrimut road to Sayers road, finally returning to the Westside Taverner Hotel to complete the ride.

    Anyone from the other side of town is welcome to leave us in Bacchus Marsh if they want to get on the Western Highway and head for home, otherwise you'll end up right on the Princes Freeway, so its no too bad.