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[Melb] Leading-a-ride Meet - Sat 6th August

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser1, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Let's nail this for Sat 6th August 3.30pm then (after talking with Tim a minute ago) Leaves the morning for other stuff, perhaps some dinner closeby for lateron.
    Also, whoever wants to pop in just for a coffee or so....do so.

    Copy/paste (copyright violation...using TheLodgers post) :) :)
    The place is called "The Wine Larder" ....shop7-50 Main st Croydon phone Tim on 9723-8860 if ya get lost it's near the corner of Lacey st and Thomas Brew lane.
    Melways referance is 50 K3 opposite the carpark............see ya there!!!! Best to enter OFF Lacy st via the car park.


    A get-together for those who've led rides in the past and those who'd like to do so but have reservations. Organiziation/day-rides/ tours/ whatever...
    Just an informal meet putting up thoughts and experiences, legal stuff etc etc.
  2. That weekend is not good for me. However, the weekend after that would suit better.

  3. yeah lets try and organise something. I guess the weather is not the best at the moment say maybe by mid aug it might be little better. would be great to meet some of the fellow netriders.maybe a lunch time might be better for people who want to get home late arvo..
  4. That's a brilliant idea!!! I would be up for that! I've only ever really led small groups and I don't really enjoy it, but I was always very happy to explain to the boys that if I was leading, then there were rules to be followed :p Would be interesting to get a bit of a compilation of ideas....

    :D :D :D
  5. can it be on a Sunday please
  6. I am up for this, is a good idea and you can bounce ideas off other people at the same time.
  7. August 6/7 then?
    or a Friday night? 5th?
    Just thinking that a meet after work wouldn't get going before about 7.30ish, possibly not leaving enough time at the end imagining that there'll be plenty of issues raised.
  8. 6/7 august sounds good.
  9. Sounds cool to me too :)
  10. When posted some time ago, there were quite a few more takers (good dozen or so). Therefore my thoughts on a more easily accessible location than the WineLarder in Croydon, with some possibly coming from the West or Gippy/ Peninsula etc.

    As mentioned, it has to be a quiet place (not like last nights Greek Tavern :D ), so talk doesn't instantly result in sore throats :)
  11. The weekend of 6&7th August is good for me.
    I hope to be speaking with agent Scumbag soon too and will let him know. :)
  12. 6/7th is good by me.
  13. If I haven't absconded interstate by then I'll be in on this too please :D
  14. 6/7 works for me as well. Location is not that important I will make just about anywhere.

  15. Time/ place are set now.
    See original post for details.
    Hopefully we'll see quite a few faces there.
  16. I'll put that in my events calendar. :)
  17. I'll also try and come along, Croydon was the stopper for me (yes I am a nancy-boy) but somewhere more central would be ideal.
  18. After the original post went out, all 'objections" were in regards to the date (last w/e in July), not one regarding location.... and I'd left that open as well.
    Therefore I went ahead and called Tim at the Wine Larder.
    Sorry... :(
  19. No worries Pete, I'll try and take my skirts off that day and come along anyway (unless something gets in the way).