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[melb]Lanesplitting Protest Ride 1st March

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by es, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. No one else is doing anything so how bout we work together on this one? I probably wont even be able to attend the ride as I start at 7am most days.

    I want voulenteers for

    Ride leader - you will explain the rules of the ride before we leave

    Public Speaker - you will... well, speak.

    Tail ender - you must be around till the end of the ride!

    Advertiser - you will design the flyers that everyone is encouraged to distribute.

    Media liason - you will inform media the ride is happening.

    I want suggestions on

    Where the ride should be

    Where it should end

    Other positions of responsibility needed

    Do people agree on the date? this is just seriously a date pulled at random. Other suggestions, with your reasons behind it, are welcomed.

    A poll will be started tonight on start point and end point.

    Oh and if anyone wants to take up organising this protest instead, I am more than happy to pass on the baton.
  2. tees will be printed this sunday, if anyone wants one, please drop me an e-mail at 99coconuts@exemail.com.au

    $5 including postage, but if you feel you can pick it/them up, i'd appreciate not having to write out a bunch of envelopes :p
    edit:- i'm in keysborough :wink:

    stickers are printed, i'll hand them over to the ride organiser and also chuck a few in with any tees bought :grin:

    ATM i cant say if i'll be there or not, dont know when my kids will be coming home from the hospital. but if they're not home, i'm there with bells on.
  3. I heard from a guy at Pablo's tyres who said that the MRA are organising another protest run soon.
  4. sure they are. and in the mean time, everyone will biatch that no one is doing anything. and then the mra will biatch that no one else even tried to do anything.
  5. Yeah, you are probably right. :p
  6. Well I absolutely will turn up. Workwise things are just turning really nasty.. (I am doing 3 subjects at uni this semester and am trying to get enuf ahead in my job that that will be doable. ) But if you can;t get anyone else... :)
  7. If my bikes back i should be able to participate... Let me know if your stuck for people on jobs, but i'm not great at any of those ;) :p
  8. 1st Of march would be perfect for me so i am IN :)

    Suggestions for the route...

    -Eastern Freeway
    -Monash Freeway
    -Western Ring Rd (Never been there early morning but i remember someone said it would be good for the protest)
  9. And you actually asked the MRA , or is this another one of those fabled wives tales :LOL:
  10. WTF are you on about.

    If the MRA have something they are organising they can let me know... if its not on a conflicting date why not run this ride as well?

  11. Same position as Booga :evil:
  12. So mate it for 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon. I'll be there then :)
  13. Your reply to another post about people and the mra bitching, I just wondered if you had actually talked to them or just assumed thered be bitchin, or are you talking about an individual ?

    Your a free citizen, run as many protest rides as you see fit to organise
  14. Well when isent there bitching when talk involves MRAA?

    I havent seen it happen yet :p
  15. after the last ride there was a biatch fight
    mra member: no one else was doing anything, at least we did something blah blah blah.

    well im trying to do something, but I dont have the time to do it on my own. how about some voulenteers?

    people want to do it morning or arvo?

    (vic, I wouldnt be able to make 4 pm either, thats when I finish. 5.30 or 6 maybe)
  16. Eswen
    dont do it without the assistance of the MRAA.
    You need there help in all aspects of doing something like this .
    If it isnt orginised properley , you will look like a real dick with 15 bikes.

    Its not a netrider ride , its a protest ride and a poor turn out in the press will harm the cause.
    Get them involved.

    as for that person saying " i am the only one whos done anything"
    tell them to fcuk off they dont know what they are talking about .

    even better , pm me a name .
  17. :LOL: anyone want to voulenteer to be the MRAA liason?
  18. :LOL: :LOL: U just volunteered yaself :LOL:
  19. Speaking of Jd, I heard the tail end of him talking on Ross and John ( 3AW) this week. Did someone ring the rumour file and state that the MRA was running a protest on 18th March to parliament house re:$50 levy? Jd rang to set them straight that its not the MRA. Is someone trying to cause trouble in the media for the MRA? bet they didnt use their real name.
  20. So let me get this straight.
    Eswen wants to organise a protest ride but can't organise it because she is working so is asking someone else to organise it.
    this sounds just like an mra organised protest then.