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[Melb] Lane Splitting Protest Ride - 25th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Finally MRA is doing something about this stupid rule and bringing some publicity to it. This is an email I got, so please email or call John for details.

    I urge ALL riders to attend. This is our last stand against such ignorant ruling.


    To demonstrate the impact that making Lane Splitting explicitly Illegal and a ban more easily enforceable, as a result of the NTC’s proposed amendments to the current legislation the MRAA will conduct a

    Ride to Rule – Congestion Awareness Ride

    on Wednesday 25th January. The purpose of this Awareness Ride will be to demonstrate just how much extra congestion will be created if Lane Splitting is not legalised.
    During this ride, riders will proceed at normal traffic speeds but will explicitly ride in a manner that the proposed rules require.

    For further information on this matter please contact John Karmouche at lanesplitting@mraa.org.au or on 03 9877 3004.
  2. Congestion Awareness Ride Details are:

    Congregate at the Springvale Road Entrance to the Eastern Freeway from 7am.

    Rider Briefing will commence at 7.45am

    Departure time will be 8am Sharp

    We will be asking riders to ride in Single File at 2 sec separation (safe braking distance).

    If we get 100 bikes - we will use up one lane.

    200 bikes - 2 lanes etc.

    Aim is to have riders from Eastern Suburbs - if you live elswhere, your attendence will be appreciated - but not expected.

    If you live in another state - Please Duplicate what we are doing.

    A Flyer is being produced and will be available tommorrow.

    We chose the 25th Jan to co-incide with the Ride to Canberra 2006 Celebrations taking place on 28th Jan.
    We encourage all riders going to Canberra to take our message with them. The politicians supporting Canberra 2006 have been sent Media Releases about Lanesplitting and should have heard about via Radio 2CC!!

    See www.bikersaustralia.com.au or contact Greg Hirst at canberraride2006@hotmail.com for further info re the Canberra2006 Ride
  3. good on em !! its about time like you said .... on a different note but still on the lane splitting subject , i was riding home on the higway today and caught up on a group of about 60 or so Ulysees group members (sticking exactly to the speed limit as they do with their cruise control set ) i found myself able to pass most of them before i was then cut off by 2 of them riding side by side in the overtaking lane and matching the speed of the 2 in the slow lane .... for around a km or so i sat there behind them .... becoming more and more pissed off by their ignorance i finally decided to "split" between the 4 of them .... later down the road i had stopped for something for myself and the trumpy to drink and they pulled in , i was then approached by it seems one of the previously mentioned 4 riders and prompty told I was the cause of the powers that be calling for lane splitting to be outlawed and that i should be ashamed of myself , I figured that now i should be so ashamed then why not let go with a barrage of abuse which i did as he quickly retreated to the safety of his 45 year old plus "brothers" ..... ppppfft what a joke !! .... probably drives a volvo monday to friday
  4. I WILL DEFINATLY BE THERE even though this is well before my wake up time :grin:
  5. Last time I checked Wednesday the 25th wasn't a public holiday. Some of us have to work.

    (edited for tone)
  6. Not on that day :wink: Im going screw the boss
  7. it mAY just be me ....but i think thats the point they are trying to make not much in the way of peak hour traffic on public holidays .... well if you have to work you better leave early if you are in the cage there may be a little congestion that day
  8. But that's stupid and there's nothing on the MRA site about this ride. Block the city centre on a weekend by all means, but a protest ride on a weekday won't get a lot of support. You would be asking people to do something which conflicts with their work/social commitments - that isn't going to get many bodies, and I thought to be effective something like this would need numbers.
  9. Seems a good idea, if it inconveniences a few people, good - might make them realise just how much lane-splitting actually improves traffic flow. Unfortunately there's no way I'd be able to make this one but hope you get enough numbers to make a noticeable impact.
  10. You couldn't find
    Home Page
    or The forums
    Ride Calendar

    What site did you look at ?
  11. I think the time is wrong.

    At 7.45 you are only going to make people late for work. im going to pull a figure out of the air and call it 80%.

    80% of people hate going to work, if they are late because of riders protesting then so be it. "sorry boss them smelly bikers held me up"

    Had the time been set for 4.45pm when you are annoying people trying to get home then you may get your point across.

    Sure it wont make the evening news but "market" it properly and you may get a live feed.

    The run we organised from the East & West against the $50 to the Parliament was a fruitless excercise, not enough numbers to have an impact.

    Good luck with it all, hope it all works out.
    Did the MRAA consult with anyone else about this run or did it just decide that that's what it's going to do?

    Oh btw, is this the same John Karmouche that swore he'd never have anything to do with the MRAA ever again?
  12. Sure is :LOL: :LOL:

    Good luck to em tho.
  13. That's why we are doing it at a time when people are on their way to work.

    Just so someone like you can be there........ Do the ride on your way to work at 8am - you will be in the city by 9am (who is going to stop you from deciding to lane split if you start to run late as we get caught behind the cars as we get near the city?).

    But, if you are already at work, then you probably won't be able to make it. As we really only need about 100 bikes then that's OK.
  14. Thanks for your sentiment Vic.

    Yep - this is the same John Karmouche - who humbled himself and changed his mind - who went and had a look at how the MRAA managed to survive my departure without suffering any damage.......

    Pity you don't have a bike to ride right now.

    Afternoon - yeah, that's a thought, but in reality 100 bikes will suffice to make our point. Make everyone late for work? Read between the lines what I said above. If you leave Springvale Road at 8am - going down the Eastern - No motorcycle will be late for a 9am work start as far away as the inner western burbs.

    PS The Flyer is ready Guys - email me at lanesplitting@mraa.org.au and I will get it to you ASAP
  15. Is the MRA going to have some tail end guys in cages?
  16. People saying wrong time, it will annoy the cages. sure from my end its supposed to and i dont think the cages would support anything we do anyway its all about getting the message accross and if they dont there should be one of these every MONTH till they do. Also its not about i dont like the mra or any other shit all i know is if we dont do anything then nothing will happen and those who do nothing as well as those who do will all be really pissed of when we get demerit popints and fines for lanesplitting because some cager has rang the dob in a lanesplitter number. So your LATE for work one day of the year to protest something that will make you LATE for the rest of the year and BEOND.
  17. FANTASTIC !!!! I'll be there, fcuk the boss, this a bloody important message that us bike riders must get through. For sure I was not happy about the the $50 bike levy but I didn't go to any protest ride; but this is vertually like banning motorcycling in my eyes.

    I'm happy with it being on a week day morning; couldn't be better in my mind.

    Please, please, please come, please get as many other riders as you can.
  18. John,

    One thing I'd be encouraging on this ride is to ride with enough space to allow as many cars into the ride queue as possible. If you can have a few bikes, then a few cars, then a few more bikes etc in the lane, the demonstration will get out to more people. In this case, definitely staying out of transit lanes would help the demonstration.

    Trying to maintain a single column of continuous bikes will cause the same congestion, but only expose the point to the few drivers beside and behind the queue.

    Perhaps a drip-feeding of a few groups of bikes into traffic or something.

    Anyone else got any opinions?
  19. Opinions in here are always plentiful...


    My view is that the ride should not prevent people being late for work if they travel this route anyway. All you're doing is to ride into work together, much the same way as car drivers do now, albeit unintentionally.

    Good luck with it, folks.
  20. OK. I've got my doubts about whether this is the right strategy, but in the end I think that anything that contributes to more public debate, and more messages to the decision makers that we intend to fight this, has got to be worth a try.
    I'll be there.
    (7am. Goddammit. :cry: )