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(Melb) ladies need pillion seat for Thur Mystery Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's, I had two ladies come in the shop, they are just about to buy new bikes, Danielle & I were telling them about the Thursday's Mystery Ride, they are intereted in participating but might like to come as a pillion for their first time.

    Does anyone have a spare pillion seat for them? They're not bad lookers :wink: I'm guessing they are late 30's?

    PM me and I'll arrange a test ride (on the bike).

  2. They wont be Ladies for long, with you lot.
  3. Come on someone must be able to take a pillion?!
  4. :LOL: NRNR policy? :p

  5. :LOL: nice one Loz.

  6. :LOL: nice one Loz.
  7. mmmmm I would but I reckon my wife might find have something to say about it...... :)

  8. Only you would say it, Loz.

    fair call mate.
  9. It's ok guys I got the girls seats, one is single, maybe someone might get lucky :)
  10. I hope it's you, John.