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Melb-Kinglake ride-6th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by R1_lover, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Warden from OCAU.MC has organised a ride up tp Kinglake if anyone is interested in joining us.

    Meeting at 10.00am at Maccas on Plenty Rd Centenary Dve and heading down through the gorge as far as l know at this point, but will keep you updated.


  2. Sundays weather looks good.

    10am at Maccas sounds good, will see you there Julz.

    Edit: a sense of de ja vu..just read the ocau website.
  3. Im there, julz did you manage to find somebody with a camera mount at all?
  4. The martyh route would be better for me but martyh wouldn't, so I'll come on this ride. cyas there.
  5. Thats not what all the women (not thats there is many , all 4 actually) say about you. :LOL:
  6. No XG...havent found a camera mount yet...might have to get out the old trusty duct tape me thinks.

    Now is wondering who this 4th unknown species marty is talking about :? ..lol

  7. Meet at Maccas Plenty Rd-Centenary Rd -10.30-head for Diamond Creek-via Sth Morang Gorge-PantonHill-St Andrews-Kinglake-Toolangi-Healesville-then arriving at Marysville for lunch about 12ish.


    Leave Marysvill to healesville-Yarra Glen-Kangaroo Ground-Eltham or Greensborough.

    Heres a map with times

  8. This will be the 2nd Sunday in a row with good riding weather that I'll miss :mad: ... I'll be stuck in the kitchen of a cafe.
  9. Lordy, I've made it all the way over here...
    Personal preference for me is the Spur, as I just love that road, but on the day if theres a push to hit one of the other trails, I'm happy, long as I get a nice ride in :)

    (PS. I was told to say this, Julz sent me over!) :D
  10. Welcome aboard Warden :D

    Enjoy your ride tomorrow guys!
    ProFx (Will Meet us on the way through Hurstbridge.)
    Paul Warren
    Bazil (Netrider Board)
    Thats 10 riders mentioning an affirmative on the board.
    Julz (aka R1_Lover has also mentioned Cowbody.
    So hopefully 11 riders.
    I'll be the big guy dwarfing a little red Bandit 250.
  12. Im there for sure guys.....
  13. Join the club....

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. I feel for poor jezza and lil....there was so many times l wanted to join a ride and couldnt...never mind!!

    Cowboy l will rock by your place at 10.15 if you like?? and go from there.
  15. Nothing wrong with riding in the middle of the week. Myself, I prefer non weekend riding as there are less "americans" to worry about :D This is after standing on a corner in the middle of no where on a Sunday & watching all the weekend warriors, scared sh!t out of me :shock: Also got run off the road into the gravel up Reefton by a d!ckwacker on a Hayabusa about 8 feet over on the wrong side of the road so my guess is you might survive a bit longer by giving Sundays a miss
  16. Hey peoples I’m in, went for a ride out that way today, Who ever is lead rider keep your eyes open for s#*t loads of leaves and gravel on the road at certain corners, I was one of four bikes today and we all just pointed out the road condition to the rider behind and all worked out fine had a great day.
  17. ill be ready from about 930 onwards so get here anytime after that.
  18. While I'm not going on this ride, I'm going to be taking the same route and leaving a bit later so I might catch up to you guys at some stage. I think we are aiming for Marysville for lunch as well.