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[Melb] Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by tonee, May 23, 2010.

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  1. [Melb] Kawasaki Ninja 250R $5500 PRICE DROP!!

    This is a reluctant sale of my 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
    The reason I'm selling is to save up for a bigger bike as I'll be off my restrictions soon. It's never been in an accident and runs perfectly. I use it for most days of the week on the highway so there's less stress on this motor.

    Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008
    Colour: Black with green rim stripes
    KM: 12,xxx
    Extras: Black screen, LED rear brake light with integrated indicators, Two Bros muffler
    Price: $5500
    Rego till March, 2011.
    RWC supply will depend on how busy I am, given that its only 60bux for one so it doesn't affect the price.
    Contact: 0402 686 280, text me if I don't pick up.


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  2. pics uploaded!
  3. Is the price too high or is it just winter...?
  4. You're advertising a learner bike on a forum largely populated by people who already own a bike. I wouldn't be expecting a quick sale just from sticking it up on NR. (Edit: I did the same thing, had a few nibbles, so I'm not criticising you!)

    A few of the dealers I know are finding that sales have slowed down a lot too - winter + lots of interest rate rises = people have less to spend and are less interested in spending it on a bike.

    Good luck with the sale.
  5. price drop!
  6. I recokon it's winter, these boards are flooded with newbies and people looking to buy and get into bikes at the start of spring each year.

    Maybe try bikesales, but yeah selling during winter does limit the amount of interest imo

    btw very tidy looking bike (y)
  7. Thanks!
    I've spammed all the free sites i could think of and its on bikesales.
    Its winter and I also think its the high kms too
  8. 12k kms isn't high at all. It's what I would expect on a learner bike if they have had it from L to unrestricted TBH.
    Riding is something that gains alot of interest around the warmer months.
  9. hey tonee stop spamming ur ninja ad over this forum, im trying to sell mine as well ;)
  10. lol im actually threatened by your ad =P hence the spamming ahha
  11. dropped agian
  12. Hope you mean the price ;)
  13. hehe of course!
    I really want a bigger bike now even though I'm still on restrictions for a few more months.
  14. yeah I know how you feel. I put the deposit down on my Z about 6 weeks before I came off restrictions.

    The good news is though, if you're still on your restrictions for 3 more months, then it'll be spring when you come off them and the bike market should be picking up again. I'd be tempted to pull the bike from sale now and re list it in early spring back at your original price. If you leave it up here now people will see that you keep dropping the price...

    And in the meantime, just keep reminding yourself that riding a bike that your license does not permit you to ride is a demerit point offence - I think it's 3 points (it is for cars) so if you get done twice then kiss your license goodbye if you're on your Ps.
  15. At the same time I want to get the bigger bike now since they're cheap. I'm on full license with restrictions do i get the 5points or 12?
  16. 12, but don't spend em all at once ;)
  17. Sold!! =]
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