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[Melb] Joe/MrNinja's leaving for army drinks night, Sept 16

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MrNinja, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all I'm having A drinks night to celebrate before I leave melbourne to go to the army full time. The proposed date is the 16th of Sept. All welcome, no venue has been decided on as yet.

    thanks !

  2. well get to organising then...chop chop!!
  3. i am so there...BOOZE BOOZE BOOZE BOOZE FTW
  4. Well, I'll pass on the party invite for obvious reasons, but your sig is one of the better ones, demaros
  5. Hi all, the date that I leave is fast approaching! so, the tomorro night is set for my drinks night!

    -location - Bride O'Riles Chapel St. (out the front if it's warm or inside if it's not)
    -time - 6:30 -7:00

    All Welcome!!!
  6. Have a good send-off Mr Ninja!

  7. Only between 6:30-7pm?
  8. haaa... no. unless that's 6:30pm to 7:00am which is more likley

    no thats the start arival time
  9. Ill come later on man..
  10. I'm out, but I'll come if I happen to be out around there ;)

    Have a great night if I don't see you!

    :D :D :D