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[Melb] Jim's Greek Tavern/Restaurant. Wed July 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. It's time again for another Netrider restaurant/dinner night! And this time, it's Greek! :) The renowned Jim's Greek Tavern.

    Fried cheese's, chewy bread and dips, vegetables and salads, mixed grilled meats, prawns and fresh seafood, traditional greek deserts and coffee's. MMMMMmm, my mouth is watering already :)

    When: Wed July 13th. 6:30pm onwards
    Where: 32 Johnston St, Collingwood
    Bring: BYO wine or beer.
    Avg Price: $25
    Melway Ref: 44 C4

    Jim's Greek Restaurant has won various food awards over the years and is recommended by The Age "Good Food Guide" and the Lonely Planet "Out to Eat" Guide.

    So lets start the ball rolling with an attendance list. I will need to make the booking mid/late next week, so post your attendance...

    Sir Skuffy
    MadMel + Dim
    Undii + Friend
    Foxy + Kym
    Glitch1 + Goodie
    BlackBetty + 1

  2. Looking good at the moment.... just need to see if any interstate trips turn up.....
  3. Add me in Jas, I'll ask if Mel wants to come too. :)
  4. Looks good! I'll come, can't bring my girlfriend as she works 3-11PM but I'll see if any other of my female friends want to be 'my date' :)
  5. I'm there :)

  6. Mmmmm........Greek :) . Sounds good to me too!

    :D :D :D
  7. After consultation with the busier half.. he'll be accompaning me to yummy dinner.. put myself and Trenshadow down to be there thanks Jay :D
  8. Yaaahhh sooo rey...

    I've a long lunch that day, so will extend and attend.
    Yum yum. :D
  9. Add Lil and I to the list :)
  10. No, not Egyptian! What about Nepalese!!!!
  11. Only those that have confirmed themselves as coming are able to make any such conjectures on cruisine variation (not to that it will matter, 'cos were having greek - but at least you can conjecture) :)
  12. Let me know, so I can add her to the list too :)
  13. Just spoke to Mel and she would love to come too so please add her to the list. :D
  14. If someone could help me out with a lift i would love to join in :D
  15. Knightrider, if you like Nepalese, go to "The BaseCamp" in Hawthorn, good food, great prices...
  16. I'll do that if you come and be my cheuper Marty :p

  17. dayum......your bloody quick...
  18. Yep! I'll second that gr8 food & they cater for vegetarians! the smoking room when i was there was indoors but I think it might be outdoors now! arcade to the station is about 50m away & have a load of footpath so anyone parking a long way away is a big girls blouse!