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[MELB] Jeffrey Honda Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I've bought a few bikes from these guys and always found their service ok and the pricing good. Still, I wanted to check I was still getting a good deal, hence the post about the tyres last week. Something happened on Friday that made me realise that you can't beat a shop that goes that extra yard and that price ain't necessarily the be all and end all.

    Riding to work on Friday I filled up with fuel. Went to start the bike and got nowt more than a 'chugga chug --- whine'. Damn battery had collapsed. I'd noticed it on Wednesday and put it down to cold weather. So, I'm stuck a petrol station, 9am and needing to have a working bike to go to work and attend the SIDS function in the evening. A guy from the servo helped me push start the bike and then a call to Jeffrey's for some advice.

    Turns out that they've seen a few stator coils fail in recent months. Not age related, even some new Blades have shown the problem. They said they had one in stock and they could fit it for me.

    I turn up at 9:15am and despite being a mechanic down, a full workshop, they said they do it that day and lend me a VFR800 to get me to work. Got a call just after lunch to say the job was done and the bike was ready for picking up. And the best part? No fee for the work (warranty - it was what I expected) or the loan of the VFR.
  2. Yep they do, I think my stator was close to about the first instance the 1000r and probably the first to go twice one week before two seperate trips to Tassie......in my case it was Redwing that moved mountains to sort it all out in record time and under warruntee.

    Apparently my first stator along with a few others was sent back to japan to be looked out turns out there is a problem with the flywheel speration causing too much heat which caused the stator to burnout over time. The flywheel has been supersceeded so that the problem doesn't occur again.

    more info here
  3. Geez, after reading all that, I think I should get Jeffreys to buy a job lot for me and have them standing by!
  4. Yeah I bought my bike from Jeffreys..they are pretty good. They give ya a free bike while your bike is getting serviced or repaired, and not a shit bike either hence the VFR800..lol.
  5. Just make sure the new flywheel design is being installed along with the new stator so it doesn't happen again.
  6. hmmmm,

    i'm on my second 1000rr, should i be waiting??

    or is it a rare problem?

  7. happened to me twice with the one bike until the new part was installed...if you ever hear your bike having trouble turning over or a globe blows I'd head towards a service centre.
  8. matt232 everything happens to you
  9. In this case twice! :grin: