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[Melb] iPod repairer??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I scored an iPod from a mate at work... it has a broken screen (not the outer screen but the display inside) and was still working after the display broke... but now it's not working so I don't know if the hard drive needs to be formatted or something else...

    Does anyone know somewhere that repairs iPod's as my mate went into an Apple store and they were really unhelpful coz they wanted him to buy a new iPod which he did...

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! :)
  2. Can take a look at it for ya mate, i have the tools to crack em open (came with the new battery I got.

    Might be a simple buy and fix :)
  3. Easiest solution, bin it and buy a Walkman :grin:
  4. Thanks mate, I'll have to take you up on that offer :grin:
    I'll send you a text to work out when I can get it to you...

    :LOL: was tempted to... but seeing how I got the iPod for free, I thought if I only spend a few $$$ getting it fixed then I don't mind... if it's going to cost too much then in the bin it goes!!

    Vic, If you get a flood of donations for your dopod then you shout me a walkman if ya want :LOL: